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Other Idea: Event: Elvenar Fun Park


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Idea: Event: Elvenar Fun Park

Behind the idea:

Avoid to “destroy” parts of the city. Make the Event more attractive by interaction with the buildings.

A group of showman, conjurer and artists visits your city and offers to show a lot of attractions.
They need help to build up the place.


Place a sign with the announcement somewhere in- or outside the city.

Click on the sign you will transferred to a free space outside the city

(Whenever a specific Quest (e.g Build ...) is solved, a new attraction is place in the area)
If a new attraction is finished (construction time x) you can click on it and use the event currency (tickets?)

Tasks: for example

Help to clean up the festive area (Produce Supplies)
Build up a the dance floor (Produce any T1 goods)
Feed the workers (Produce bread)
Offer drinks (Produce beverages)
Help to unload the wagons (Give Neighborly Help)
Build up the a Lucky Wheel (Produce advanced tools)
Support with materials (Produce any T1 goods, 3 hours options)
Build up a Shooting Range (Collect Troops)
Build up the tent area (Accept trade offers from the Whole Saler)
Sell tickets (Gain Coins)
Support the conjurer (Gain/use enchantments)
Perform Firework (Spend Knowledge Points)
Visit Firework (Buy Knowledge Points)
Contribute in Shooting/ Sword fight … (Solve x encounters)
Clean up the surrounding (Collect x currency outside the city)

And many more
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