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I guess...


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nope , I´m Amorya ;)

wish you all a wonderful night
with many stars that shine :D:D:D

were is Katzenprinz


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hey @Hotofson, I'm here,
but only now and than, there is not much to do for me anymore, just waiting some hours for the last squad and upgrading my elixiers - sznooooooooooooooooooooose

but you are happy scoring ;-) - so I hope to see you here next


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...uaaaaa ... OffSon Clearin his own flat ... I know I know ...yet-still:eek:
Now he is Nervousson:D


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Yes you're right.
Login in in this forum is the only thing I (sometimes) can do, since the internetconnection at my vacationadres is deathslow.
i guess it's amorya now