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Hi there,


I started playing the beta game yesterday. My player name here is betamuppet. My main game is in the wonderful country of Arendyll where I am named Medril. Even there I am not a really high player but a fanatic one to say the least. I am from the Netherlands. Dutch, German and English speaking, 52 years young with an ICT background. With my husband we have 5 children between us and one of them also plays Elvenar. They are all grown up. My hobby's are photography, photo editing, drawing, painting. I started a brotherhood in the Beta game as well. It's name is The Brady Bunch. In case you are looking for a (new) place to be. Feel free to send me a message, we will gladly accomodate you as long as you are at beta on a regular basis. Lvl not important (i am in lvl 1 myself) but the intention to help your fellow brothers (sisters) is.
Untill we meet.....