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Hi, I have a doubt...


Active Member
I've been saving diamonds a lot of time, especially these last 50 days, since I've put in many wells and I'm getting diamonds that I wanted to invest in premium expansions. My question is the following, in other countries, every "x" time, there is a 10% reduction in a premium expansion, here they put it?
I ask because if these 50 days of wells that I have already, I add all summer and do not know or remember when this reduction appeared for the last time ... are more than 5 months ... is it normal?

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
I am pretty sure he just said that as to not cause an uproar. I have played beta a few years and have never seen a discount on expansions or diamonds, we don't get them here as far as I know. But it is possible the expansions and diamonds are a little cheaper to buy here compared to live, but I would have to check on that. It still sucks considering we are spending our money here on beta, the same as live and don't ever get the deals. lol. So much for appreciating our help finding and trouble shooting bugs and new features!