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Hi folks...

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team

:D seems odd to be posting my 'intro' after so long on the team, but here goes!

I joined the beta team on the very first day of closed beta, all the way back on Jan 20th 2015, though some of you may also know me from Forge of Empires EN or beta, or indeed until recently from Elvenar EN. I loved Elvenar from the very first minute I saw the game - the graphics are what first caught my eye, but over the months I have also grown to love the whole history and mythology of Elvenar. You find out so many interesting little snippets by reading those quest texts ;)

Apart from Elvenar, my hobbies & interests include... Forge of Empires (of course!), reading, especially science fiction/fantasy (whenever I get the time!), languages - every aspect of, but especially how different languages 'fit together', and almost any type of craft.


Welcome. And thank you for your service to the Elvenar team. Communities such as ours need hard working diligent staff members.

A good TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.

Elvenar and fantasy are like a hand and a glove they just work well together. I am reading the massive book series by Ian Esslemont and Steven Erikson called Malazan Book of the fallen, wonderful series but hard to really get into. The authors have the reader getting right into the thick of it, sort of hitting the ground running.....


Well-Known Member
Welcome (belatedly)!

Curiosity - what's the QA?
Initially my background suggested Quality Assurance, but then I thought Questions & Answers. So< I thought I's ask :)


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
QA is indeed Quality assurance. It basically means we get to retest the bugs you guys post. And forward them if they are valid, or ask more questions if its unclear.

And im also new to the QA team. Hope i can help to get this game bugfree! :)