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hi all


I wanted just introduce myself to forum.
Play name is Freia, and I started this beta few days ago. I am totally green here but I know that if there is problem I can contact to Elvenar team and thanks to all answerds you've been given to me after time I started to play Sinya Arda to right now.

We have fellowship called Knithship of Carelians. Needless to say that we need people so we are recruiting. If you are interested contact me.
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Nice to get know you guys behind this game :)
You must have very difficult sometimes to create tournaments, and like March of the Herbs, amd other stuff that you invent, has to be real hard work and I appriciate it that you care about your players so much that we have this Beta world to touch sometimes things that are just coming to other servers.
My "home town" here is in US server, world called Sinya Arda.
I haven't been playing very long time, and sometimes all things makes me wonder that are new, difficult and challanging.
But I have nothing else to do than keep my town growing and same time this town at Beta.
I am glad that I can sort of forget Farmville 2 because lately it has been only a big disappointment when they made too hard players to play the game and it really made me angry that some pays with real money every week things that Zynga has made players to do, that are truly very hard and if you do them you have no time to visit.
I am giving up my groups there.
It is not so important to be some Admin when interest is somewhere else than FV2.
It is no use try to belong somewhere what feels dead and gone. FV2 is that to me.
And I thank you that this game is so much different, so much better than FV2
I thank you for inventing this game and released it.
You are truly good guys and you do a good job.
Please continue :)