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hey y'all !!!

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hey y'all,

I am new in the beta forums but I have been playing actively in another community since last summer, when Elvenar was released there. This is my first thread and post here, so please don't be hard on me.

I am 39th in my community's rankings, which is not bad I guess, for someone who is not buying diamonds.

However, I have reached that point in the game where I do not know how to move on.
It's true that Timon and Oliver did not provide us with a lot of information regarding the new upgrade, which left us wondering about a lot.
Having left behind two researches, city expansion 20 and squad upgrade 14, I decided that it's better to enter the VI chapter and unlock the granite mine and copper foundry asap, so that I can start producing granite and copper which is needed in excessive amounts in the tech tree.. Do you people think I am following the right path?
My squad size is 180 and I have successfully completed 114 provinces so far, without much resistance :p
How many provinces had you completed with that squad size?
Also, this is my army, as of now. I guess it's not a lot compared to somebody else's army here, but that's all I have and I try to keep them well fed. lol
I have only donated 14 KP at the dwarven portal so far and I will need a total of 208 KP to unlock the granite mine and another 316 to unlock the copper foundry (by only doing the researched that lead to those, in order to start producing these good early). We're talking about a total of 524 KP, which is equal to ~22 days of playing without doing any battles.
Back to the latest InnoGames episode...Timon and Oliver are saying that we can play with our neighbors in provinces.. Does that mean that we can combine our armies to defeat the enemies in provinces? Should I save up my army for the next update?? Should I kill all my troops in the battlefield instead and maybe unlock a few more province expansions and get some more rune shards?? What should I do? Don't keep us in the dark people! :cool:

Sorry for the length of the message. It's late and I was just a little frustrated, that's all :(

I would also like to thank anyone that will take the time to give me some feedback/advice/etc.

Outlaw Kid


You are on the right path about granite and copper. You will need a TON of it. And it is so slow to produce!!! Feel free to come visit my city and get a feel for how many mines I have. I spent a little too much time upgrading my copper mines here and I should have left a few of them on the lower levels. I only have 7 copper mines on my US server. I started building the mines there about two weeks after here and I am just about the same place in the tech tree? Why? Because it takes days of copper productions to upgrade your mines and all that time really hurts you. I should have sat down and done the math on it all, but I didn't feel like it. I would advise that you consider all the granite and copper you will need in total to get through the tech tree.....you want to get through the tree first. Then you can unlock the Dwarven wonders and from what everyone says, the Mountain Halls are the Wonder to get. The others, eh, not so much. But you want that Mountain Halls one because it gives you better goods production. The other wonders cost you so many boosted relics that your production of goods goes down.

(On that vein, I am not finishing any of my provinces until I finish the tech tree, so I can hopefully get some rune shards for the Mountain Halls. If you haven't finished the tech tree and unlocked the dwarven wonders, you won't get those shards. So, as much as it is awful, I am holding off on getting an expansion even.)

Don't forget that after you use all the granite and copper you need for the tech tree, you will still need more because the dwarven streets need copper and granite to upgrade. 500 granite and 10 copper PER little one spot street.

So, once you know all the granite and copper you will need, then do the math and figure out whether you are better upgrading your mines or just collecting as you go. But, I would suggest having as many mines as you can. One player even said they deleted a bunch of culture and went negative culture for a while so they could have more mines....I like that idea....only you can't build a thing while you are negative, so it will depend on how developed your city is.

I have been playing on the US server since day one and I am ranked 30 over there. I am the top ranked non diamond player over there, so I KNOW how much dedication and time you have put into this game to have such a high ranking! Congrats!!

If you are like me, then your biggest problem is not enough room. Those expansions take forever to get. I am sure you know this, but for anyone else reading....Always Be Scouting!!!! My scouts take 2 days now per province.

Oh....and the top upgraded Golems.....they rock!!!!! You can actually win battles with them!!!


Thank you guys for the welcoming...

@Bobbykitty I will follow your advice and do some math to see how much granite and copper I need... I will contact you in-game or through the forum to ask for more advice if I need any.


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I am the top ranked non diamond player over there, so I KNOW how much dedication and time you have put into this game to have such a high ranking!
How did you manage to get Builders Hut Lvl 3 without buying diamonds? Where there any events (ingame/forums) on the US servers?