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Hello from Germany


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Hey guys

I'm not new to the game I have an account on the geman forum.
I have decided to come a beta, because I am curios.
I'm very bad at english. So I ran everything through Google Translator. Please excuse the mistakes.

Many greetings Neytiri


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Hello from southwestern British Columbia, Canada.

Dorfl the Clay

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WOW... one of my best holidays ever was traveling from Seattle to Glacier park in Montana (USA), then up via Calgary, Banff and Lake louise towards Jasper and came full circle, going down via Kamloops, Whistler and Vancouver back to our starting point. Absolutely breathtaking!


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Thank you all

The landscape looks beautiful. My aunt and uncle lives in Canada - Vancouver Islands.

Short report: Half a year has passed since October and I've now reached the orcs.