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Guild: Relaxing Harmony


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Hey guys. The game does not have any guild functions right now but I guess it will be there someday.
A guild is always there to help with tips and knowledge. Its an easy and fast way to get in touch with players in game and a good way to find friends.

Thats why I want to set up a guild. Remember the words: the early bird catch the worm. I would like to find friendly and peaceful players who just want to play relaxed and without pressure in a peaceful guild.

This guild will not be about points, pressure to log in or about pressure for later pvp (if there will be something like that). Its all about afterwork chill. (of course something like holiday notes will be nice) :)

I would like to find some members, collecting there nicknames and prepare everything for the day the guild system will be introduced. If elvenar will be launched officially, the guild will be on one of these servers, not on beta server.

If you guys have skype, I would like to set up a skype group so that we can chat about everything related to the game or more. :)



Hi Thuncal! Welcome to the forum! :)
I really like your idea about this early player organizations, it's really good! And I also like your idea about a peaceful guild. Many players forget what guilds are for and turn them into strict workplaces.
So I support this idea of yours. :)