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German Team is looking for new team mates


Hello together
we , the GERMAN TEAM, are a german speaking TEAM, who wants to join us is
We want to be fair and considerate to each other, because behind every name there is a person.
Neighbourly help is desired in order to make it possible for everyone to get on better
as well as activity, be it participation in the tournament, tower or the guild adventures
The whole package is crucial.
We don't have rules, but if you want to rest on the work of others and reap rewards with minimal effort, you're out of luck.
rewards with minimal effort is wrong here and will have no future with us.
We are a team and everyone contributes to the guild to the best of their ability.

Before you apply, consider what you would like to bring to the guild and write it down in an application.
application. Requests without an application will be deleted without comment or will not be considered.

even if we appear complete, we are happy about every request
if a place becomes free, we will get in contact with you.
at the moment we have 2 free places
Enquiries to Laladia