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(German guild) Samaritter are looking for tournament / FA players

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We are Samaritter, a German-speaking guild. Our guild is a new, combative, but very harmonious community, founded on March 10th, 2021,.
At the moment there are still 6 vacant seats available to active, committed tournament/FA players

In the tournament we are currently clearing 12 chests and getting silver in the tower. Therefore, you should easily get at least 1600 points (or more if you like).

The FA is our second passion. It would be great if you shared our enthusiasm. A lot can be achieved with good communication and having fun together.

If you would like to join us, send your application, in which you tell a little about yourself, in-game to Ritter Jo.
Please only applications from committed players.

We are already looking forward to YOU !!!


Currently 4 vacant seats, come in and enjoy the game with us :)


Now we currently have 3 vacant seats left .... welcome to our feel-good-guild. :)


>>>>2 vacant seats left<<<<

We reached 4th place in the last FA ! Just like that .... without any stress, but with a lot of team spirit and fun playing together. :D
Join us and let's fight together in the tournament. Although two of our members are currently indisposed, we capture 12-13 chests every week.

Are you a team player? Then send your application to Ritter Jo and join us. ;)