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Duplicate Game Error again


Active Member
Hi guys,

These issues should be resolved now. Can anyone let us know if you still encounter any problems?
I play at APP and
at the browser.
newest FF
And the Problem is there again.
I was thrown put of the game from both platforms several times.


Active Member
After writing, I only was thrown out 1 time.
Now I play for nearly 30 minutes without problem.
Maybe it only was a bad start.

Empress Dee

Well-Known Member
I'm having this problem on both Mobile and Web version (Chrome).
Multiple worlds, including Beta, E, A and S.
Sometimes I click a button and it works, sometimes same button doesn't.
Generally, if I completely shut down the application and pull it up again, it works for a while (acting like a load-balancer issue with some servers working and some not)
Been having issues for several days now, currently experiencing issue.