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Full Elvenar timeline ?


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I've been playing for 2-3 years by now (on live worlds). I've seen a lot of changes in the game.

I was wondering if someone is keeping a timeline of the game and various adjustements.

I know that wonders did not exist initially, that it was easier to get extensions, and also that event quests used to be unlimited, so real oldtimers had more than one fire phoenix and stuff.

I've been playing with a guy who stopped the game for a few years and came back, and boy, his city didn't look like anything modern.

I've been around since wishing wells (I decided NOT to go for them on the LAST event that featured them, because I had "enough" in storage, worst decision ever). I've seen the spire come in, I've exploited it to get multiple library sets on live worlds, and seen the balancing act to get the market straight wrt that, after removing library sets from the spire.

I've seen the tournament changes, most live world fellowships going to 10 chests as a result, and the resulting game balance changes, along with the difficulty tweaks (and a few people still not aware that optional research doesn't cost you anything)

Related question: I expect recent chapters have been designed taking into account the current game. Wonders make some things easier. Recent chapters more or less expect you to take advantage of portal spells.

Recently, notification for all helps has had a huge impact on how people play, perhaps even more so than perks or being able to use runes on wonders (with a huge increase in wonder power for most "serious" players)

Is there any "compilation" of how it used to be with significant changes to the game ?

Or, better yet, some thoughts from the actual game developers, hoping there's something more to the design of elvenar than "do a change → react to how players exploit the change"