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Fellowships FS-empty tab

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Can we get an extra tab in our fs menu where we can post fs-info (only to be seen by members)?

We can write down easy FA-strategy (IF the rewards get 4-10x better) that can be found easily instead of many mails that can be accidentally deleted.
We can be way more interactive with offering/searching for wonders to make deals
We don't need external forum (that i don't use because it's way too much effort)
We could even use more tabs and give those privileges to only mages for fs-info that is important and can't be deleted.
We have asked this from the start of the game, but I couldn't find it easily, so therefor a reminder; we miss this feature almost on a daily bases.

In the current setup, ingame messages are used for this, but messages can get out of sight when the activity is low and can get automatically deleted.

Possible downsides
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Elvenar Team
Hi guys,

Could you please elaborate on this idea a bit? Why would this be a better and more clear option than the messaging system (aside from the fact that messages are not on Mobile yet, which we are working on)?


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Messages also move down the inbox as you get more messages, so the important ones aren't always easy to find, even when they aren't auto-deleted. You also need to resend the same message every time a new player joins.

I would find it very useful to have a single spot of fellowship related info and reference material that all members can easily find. Many fellowships already use the fellowship description for this, which is an ok workaround, but has a tendency to clog it up with lots of information irrelevant to outside players. You also can't post anything there that shouldn't be public, such as links to FA spreadsheets, which should only be viewed and edited by members.


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tabs won't be deleted (accidentally)
tabs with important info will always be 'on top' and not 2-3pages down the inbox

I could give many, many examples, but this is the core of this suggestion. any reason, with this as part of the argument is a good one:)


I think so, too. In my fellowship on Sinya Arda, it can also easily happen that you not read important news next to the news related to wonder-lines. ;)