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World Map [Forwarded] Zoom out for world map


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And i would also like some more zoom levels in the city too, when i play on my destop pc it's fine, but when i play on my laptop i wish i could zoom out more in the city and world map.


+1 to the original idea, but I also want to be able to find the location of a city on the map by typing the player's name. I have had a few times when someone beyond my discovered zone supported me and I had no idea where they were. At some point it took me 30 minutes just to find the guy.


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+1 to everything, that makes the worldmap more manageable,
find a location by typing player's name is a very good feature too :)


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when reaching "distance 5" (whatever that may mean), going around the map really gets longer and longer so, yes, zoom out, please :)

Aelin Fireheart

I'd like to be able to zoom out on the world map. As you discover further away from yourself it starts getting annoying to drag the map around.


Thanx for all of your efforts Lauwi. We appreciate the great job you are doing.