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Trader [Forwarded] Trading feature


Something I would like to be able to do at the trader is filter out distant/undiscovered merchants. I'm not sure what determines whose trades I can see, but the transaction cost is high enough that I am highly unlikely to ever want to trade with someone who is far enough away to require one.


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I can not figure out how to post a new thread - so will put my suggestion here...It would be great to have an undo button. I just deleted something I can not replace by mistake. thought I had hit the move button which also asks you to confirm when it is a set building, so didn't catch that I had hit the sell button instead. So an UNDO button would be very helpful.


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Elvenar Team
@charlemagne3 if this hasn't happened to you before then contact support and they will undo this for you. BUT this can only be done once so make sure you want this before you request it ;)