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World Map [Forwarded] Province difficulty rating

Good idea?

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Well-Known Member
Currently we can guess the difficulty of a region by the distance between our city and a province and by the cost of scouting it, but it's not that easy and you can make mistakes. I think there should be an indicator that says the difficulty of a province, for example a province that is near your city will have a rating of 1 and every further one will increase the number by 1. It would help especially in those places where it's hard to tell the distance.

What do you think?


Well-Known Member
It's very similar, but I see some flaws there. With colors it's a bit harder to tell the difficulty of a province (you need to count them or remember which color is which difficulty). With just numbers you know the difficulty without checking anything else.

However, it doesn't matter to me which idea gets through. I'd just like it to be easier for me to conquer new provicnes.