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City [Forwarded] Possibility to upgrade culture buildings


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Provide some upgrades at least for the large culture buildings.

Currently, from the Elven side, there's one large culture building per age if we're not counting the diamonds ones. But even if we do that's just two possible culture buildings and then some small 1x1 or 2x1/1x2 filler culture buildings. These are too few in comparison to the several other game buildings which all come with at least 3-4 upgrades per age. We need additional ways to get culture during that period (from age to age) without sacrificing half our city space for that purpose, and it would also be good to get some diversity design-wise.

These can be a few minor upgrades, and they can even be expensive (because you'd be getting extra culture without spending new space or without spending a lot of new space). But they could be a good addition (the current wait of about 30 researches from one large culture building to another is way too long and painful).


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Yeah... Maybe not to lvl 15, but 3 or 5 and each upgrade would increase the amunt of culture and the duration of neighbourly help (8-9-10-11-12 hours for eanple, or 8-10-12)


Great idea. many people now have half their space covered with culture buildings.


+1. Finally getting an expansion and then only being able to build 1 culture building on it is such an anti-climax.


yes +1 on this...i might add maybe knowledge Points and or relics for that...


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Every single building in this game has upgrades:

- workshops
- residences
- manufactories (all 9 of them)

so my idea is simply why BIG cultural building:

- Flying boat
- Spot of whispering trees
- Mysterious cyclone
- Temple of ages
- Garden of harmony

do not have upgrades availible? This is kinda illogical and self denying compering to the rest of the game.

So my idea is to add 1 level of cultural buildings per tier. if im counting correctly there are either:
- 3 tiers (looking on Goods manufactories) - then cultural building would approved for 3 upgrades
- 4 tiers (looking on tech tree and advanced scouts) - then cultural buildings whould have 4 upgraes

each cultural building upgrade would be avalible if player either rsuccesfuly reserch "Boosted Production" or "advanced scouts" depending on tier count

There also could be 3rd option:
each cultural building gets upgrade when Main hall reaches every 3 levels, then there would be 5 uogrades avalible for cultural buildings