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Trader [Forwarded] Market offers list


I suggest that offers on a market shoud be displayed in order from best to worst. Now some of "two stars" offers where I must also pay a fee are displayed higher than offers with"three stars" from my neighbours.


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+1 Fully agree. Or at least allow us to click on "Rating" to list the offers from best to worst and to click on "Trader" to list trades by discovered/neighbors before trades by undiscovered players.


Either way would be cool, although of course ThePhantom's suggestions are more comprehensive. I've done a siggestion somewhere else which states pretty much the same, but ThePhantom puts it superbly on words.



This was suggested long time back and I dont see any comment saying this has been forwarded or not... Its something really useful and one of the better suggestions specially @ThePhantom's ..... so with my approval on this suggestion I am bumping it back on the up so that it gets noticed atleast now ...


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Thanks for drawing my attention to this one! I have checked the ideas with the "Trader" prefix to collect all the ideas about sorting and filtering trades. I've forwarded the following:
- Option to arrange offers depending on their rating (from best to worst). This option is preferably the default setting.
- Option to filter offers depending on their rating (e.g. showing only offers that have a three-star rating).
- Option to filter out undiscovered players (for which you still have to pay the trader's fee).
- Option to only show possible trades.

Here are the links to the related threads (which ideas are thus also forwarded):

If you have any more ideas about sorting and filtering trades, please share them with us in this thread! :)