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City [Forwarded] City banners


Hey guys,
We all have similar cities somehow, because you have only so much space and buildings. My idea is this banners that hang from the main hall and other buildings. Maybe that the army can wield the colors of the city?

Why? It would provide more variety in the looks of the people city.


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I like that. They could let us pick colors/design of banner so we can all pick some diversity. Maybe even list the banner next to the player icon in the rankings. :)


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And it would be nice if we can unlock different styles due to research. At the beginning the banner looks poor and wooden ... later golden and so one. You can change the color of the banner and the picture which is shown


Interesting idea. Let's see what other players think of this so we can get a little overview on what these banners should look like, and what their abilities should be. Different colours, different emblems, maybe make them researchable and upgradable for an extra bonus in battle (double damage, defense bonus, stats bonus, etc)

So let us know good people of Elvenar :)


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Different components:

Should be chooseable out of a pool of different emblems. (30 -40 Emblems)

You can choose a background which can vary by form and kind. (e.g. all same color// or half, half // two parts out of four same color)

Form can be unlocked via research. Just add these to the main research tree. Therefore you can increase the variety in reseachtree. Check the diablo 3 Banner System and Designs. :D

Can be researched too OR can be achieved by reaching the next research Tier.


I would not go for a boost as we already requested a guild system with boosts, an additional research tree with boosts and an alliance system with boosts.

Only Vanity Function (diversity)

Display Places:

Display on Main Hall

Display on a specific Culture Item which can be placed in your city. (first unlock a 1x1 Banner ... later 2x2 and so on)

Display on the back of the Hero (its another suggestion). Make it like japanese samurais. Place the flag on a stick on the back.

Display somewhere near your avatar picture

Display in a specific menue in the guild later. Maybe a map in which you can see all the different banners of all members

Thats it so far. :)

Aelin Fireheart

I think this would be a great idea. I love being able to customize little things like this to make you and your city just a little more unique


Maybe a special tree/pillar that depicts the banner? Or have the glorious statues depict the colors


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Maybe ONE culture building which can be upgraded. This building evolves like the marpe building and others. It will get bigger and nicer but will always display the players flag. Upgrading will give you more culture.


In first instance I said ONE. Than I thought why not have glorious statues depict the colors, but your idea is better Thuncal.
The culture building should be race specific and maybe something to do with boosted items? Because an elf with wood boost won't build a brick structure


I like the idea of me being able to make a banner that hangs on my town hall (crest) Possibly one for guilds also once implemented.


I like it. Banners could appear on some cultural buildings, on the main hall and on the trader (like flags on merchant ships). And probably it should appear on our military buildings.


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This idea has been forwarded together with this idea (click) to create more options to customise cities. If you have more ideas or elaborations of the previously suggested ideas, please share them with us in one of the existing threads. :)