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Trader [Forwarded] Additional sort options in trader


I would like to be able to sort the offers in the trader by trader in addition to the current capability of being able to sort by offer and demand, and Lauwi's forwarded suggestion of being able to sort by rating.

For example, I have a couple of folks in my area who consistently make good offers so I would like to be able to sort by the person offering the trades.
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I am not sure if you are talking about sorting (the order the trades are listed in) or filtering (only showing a certain type of trade). What I would like to be able to do is sort the list in different orders possibly by clicking on the header of a column.


Yes, that is exactly what I mean Odvar. :) Thank you for putting it better. Being able to click the heading of each column and sort...so a person could sort by offer, demand, rating, and trader.


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I've forwarded this idea as a nice addition to these earlier (and also forwarded) ideas:
- Option to arrange offers depending on their rating (from best to worst). This option is preferably the default setting.
- Option to filter offers depending on their rating (e.g. showing only offers that have a three-star rating).
- Option to filter out undiscovered players (for which you still have to pay the trader's fee).
- Option to only show possible trades.
You can find the links to the other threads here (click). :)


Thank you Lauwi!

I didn't notice, but I am hoping the suggestion of knowing who accepted your offers gets forwarded as well. I would so love to know who are my best trading partners.