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User Interface [Forwarded] Ability to turn off gold icons till building is full


Option 1 - very good - but only if you're still able to collect at any time in between.
Option 3 - ok
Option 4 - ok


I'm happy to give you feedback on your feedback! :D Indeed, many players support the idea of a change of the coin icons. I'd like to elaborate this idea together with you all to make it a forwardable idea.

I need to know if there's a specific solution (or combination of solutions) for the problem that would be preferred:
  • Option 1: The coin icons only appear when the residence's maximum capacity is reached.
  • Option 2: The coin icons only appear at specific times, set by the player (e.g. 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours)
  • Option 3: The coin icons become smaller.
  • Option 4: The display of coin icons can be turned off just like animations can be turned off.
If I miss an option, please post them below as well. :)
In fact, I 'm for any of the four options. If I had to choose , I would take option 1 , but we could check / uncheck this option in the settings.
What do you think?


Well-Known Member
Any of the above options would be preferable ( except option 3) to the annoying icons appearing every 5 minutes. Option number 3, in my opinion, should definately not be implemented as making them smaller still doesn't prevent the annoyance of having them appear at 5 minute intervals.


Introducing a setting for this would solve any possible problems. Like so:

Show gold icons:
  • after 5 minutes
  • after 15 minutes
  • after 1 hour
  • after 3 hours
  • only when building income is maxed out.
For me too, this solution is the right one for all of us ;)


Ex-Team Member
So that would be a lot of new support for option #2! :D I'll make sure that the developers know about the renewed interested in the idea and also take another look at option #2.