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Discussion Forum update


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Created a simple css that brings back old fonts, message colors, almost square avatars, make labels less bright and slightly adjust quoted text size to be at least readable.
Can be imported in stylus chrome extension or added to userContent.css in firefox.
Added permanent scroll button to my forum css adjustment (button is shown always, even if there is nothing to scroll, cant fix it with css).
I don't understand, what it is, I am no developper but it seems like if I don't like the tv-program I should produce my own movie? Inno can now say "hey, help yourself, we won't make any further effort for your comfort". No way!


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I don't know if others would want this but i would like it if when you open the whats new page, you could press a button so that the bug reports could be hidden. As sometimes when i come on they whole page is just bug reports and i cant see if there is anything new in the other parts.
If not i guess its back to scrolling down and checking each of the 3 parts that i do tend to check.