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New Game Features Forge a rune into a completed wonder

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Be able to trade 10 broken runes for an X amount of KP.

Getting so many Broken Rune Shards from tournaments means that we often fill our Bar with nowhere useful to place a forged rune. If they aren't going to extend the bar to allow more than 10 Broken Rune Shards, maybe we could use them as an alternative to KP. A full bar used on a wonder that you have already built could give you either x KP in your wonder, or x% of the KP needed to level it up.

Would make broken shards more useful.

Possible downsides
Balancing: Would make getting extra KP easier and would make it less attractive for players to actually make sure they level up their AWs so they can use their shards again.
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Or we could be able to forge a rune for a wonder we don't have access to yet (or a wonder's level we don't have access to). I am collecting runes already for wonders/wonder levels that I can't build yet, why not let us forge a rune for those?


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Well, not a bad idea, but right now on our live server Inno is asking for a help with a new spell, the blueprints are not finished yet, a pile of forwarded ideas is yet to be processed, a new era is almost certainly on it's way, an event or two as well, there are some bugs hanging around for some time waiting to be dealt with...

I thing that bringing new ideas now is a waste of your energy. But in case of a miracle, here, have my upvote.


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YES please :)
Almost every active tournament players knows the situation of full broken shard bar and nothing to do with it. Just wondering what happened to the promise months ago the bar would be extended to hold more shards o_O


I rather see them finally implementing the option to store more then 10 broken shards as promised. :oops:


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I rather see them finally implementing the option to store more then 10 broken shards as promised. :oops:
Sure, that would also work, but this idea is in case they have for some reason decided not to extend the bar. If they are planning to extend the bar, it should only take a few minutes to program it, so my guess is they aren't.

Edit: Btw, I'm stealing your signature;)