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Discussion Floral Awakening

Reina del mar

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Having so frequent events means INNO is hungry. And probably they ''learnt'' from the Chinese developing LoA. I am afraid this is going into this direction - but with a lot more flaws - and they are degrading quality at much faster rate than they are charging for ''premium stuff''. Premium staff which in the end means only blueprints, pet food, etc. When you know you're developing such low quality building, why don't you inverse it, INNO? Leave the evolving bulding at the bottom, put some artifacts to top (to be paid) against blueprints and pet food, etc on the bottom (for free). Then you will be able to measure the REAL INTEREST/SUCCESS towards your event.

What INNO did not asses is the players base pool. Cause when it started it was a clam, serene and relaxing game. Addressing a certain profile. It worked, players were enjoying. Then, of course some events are needed just to spice up the gameplay but at this frequency and this qualilty I can only believe they are completely out of connection with their customers (aka players).


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@Yogi Dave, that's awesome. I once asked about why folks were throwing around the term BS, which is the other variant, and luckily for everyone, I did not post a picture of what springs to mind, when English speakers read this term. But folks couldn't wait to jump in and criticize me for failing to appreciate that some players were trying to use their short form for Fellowship.


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What is BSA? I found several meaning for it, but the two most common were "Bullet Spread Accuracy" and "Boy Scouts of America". At least I found out something strangely interesting. There is now a BSA merit badge for video gaming. Well, it's a game design merit badge. Here's the badge, you decide if it's video games or not.

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sorry, language slipup, i ment FSA: fellowship adventure


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Used to be, with the shuffleboard format, that you could tap (in App) on the images before shuffling to get a description of what they are, small images being sometimes difficult to identify. This functionality no longer working/available?


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I get annoyed by the event-currency falling message and the advertisment-currency falling message.

Please make an option to disable the falling advertisment-currency.


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Seems like it is again difficult to get the 260 points for getting all artifacts. Something is going wrong. Again only 5 % of all players can get the building completed. Not sure if i will reach 260 withing the last 2 days, hope I stay at least in silver league.


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i was thinking of using some earned dias myself… but forgot the whole thing. leaf pegasus is better looking than the gold league one.
anyhow, was a little surprised to find that i had remained in silver. usually i get left outside during the last cpl of hours. maybe ppl didn’t this one worth making the last day push. so got the fully evolved building which isn’t placed in my city, will it ever find a plce there… hmmm…

Yogi Dave

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Personally I would spend diamonds on expansions and/or magic houses or workshops.. to each his/her own!
When you don't need more magic houses, or workshops and have all the expansions or they cost over 10k or you don't want them to increase your base squad size, what is left to do with diamonds?

Yogi Dave

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Don't see a point in this part. You either want them all or not.
Maybe I should have said "if you have a point where it isn't worth the cost to get another expansion". Thus, you would choose to spend them on other things. I just chose 10k as the cost to represent this. In live, my next expansion would cost 13500, which isn't worth it to me. I'd rather spend my diamonds on other things as @Karvest did.