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Fights provinces

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Hello everybody,

I would like to ask you to give an advice how to handle those fights (more in second post, as number of screenshots are limited)

I'm in beginning chapter 4, no anicent wonders, 50 provinces done + 19 already scouted, squadsize 9 researched (10-12 until end of chapter), cerberus promotion has to be researched too.

Available units:
- axe barbarian 2
- crossbow 2
- priest
- paladin 2
- mortar
- cerberus

chrystal 5 RP

chrys map.JPG

marble 5 RP

marb map.JPG

elixier 5 RP

elix map.JPG

steel 6 RP

steel map.JPG


and more fights ;-)

silk 6 RP

silk map.JPG

gems 6 RP

gems map.JPG

planks 5 RP

plank map.JPG

magic dust 6 RP

dust map.JPG

Deleted User - 60107

It's too soon for most of those.

Crystal province ring 5: I recommend waiting until you have researched one more Squad Size upgrade
Marble province ring 5: Based on squad size this one should be winnable. But I can't be sure without more info about the exact enemies
Elixir province ring 5: Again I recommend waiting for 1 more squad size upgrade
Planks province ring 5 (from the second post): Again I recommend waiting for 1 more squad size upgrade
All fights in ring 6: Way too soon. Research at least 1 (preferably 2 or 3) additional squad size upgrades first


regarding your chrystal 5 RP
army set up should be
slot 1 Paladin
slot 2 Priest
slot 3 Paladin
slot 4 Priest
slot 5 Priest

fight 1...do not move up wait enemy war dog come up
when enemy war dog go up, it should not hit your priest
kill war dog with your Paladin

then forget enemy cannonner, divide into 2 path
use your 2 Paladin to kill Steinling
use your 3 priest to kill Enchantress
then atuo to finish, click result ( Finally ..go to kill cannonner )


Well-Known Member
First things first, the scouting price of the province, also determins the difficulty of the province, so sometimes you might wanna wait untill you have researched advanced scout xx before scouting too far ahead. I think that might be part of the problem with your 19 scouted provinces ahead.

secondly you need to have 50 provinces to start chapter 4 that is ring 5. Ring 5 you can finish while you are progressing through the tech tree. But dont expect to do many ring 6 provinces untill you are close to the end of the chapter. You will need 70 provinces for the next chapter so you will have to do 10 in ring 6 also, but dont expect to have it easy untill you have researched some new units and/or squadsize upgrades.

crystal is a heavy melee provinces, but you need to kill the sorceress first. Id take 3 paladins and 2 priests at the sides. Focus on killing those sorceress asap.
marble is a priest province, focus on the bows first. It should be doable with 5 priests i think if not go for 4 priests and 1 cannon (or maybe 2 cannons)
elixir is a cannon province id go with all cannons here. That is if you have the latest cannoneer upgrade, if its not available yet id wait till you get it (so on live server wait till after 1.17)
steel you have a big terrain advantage here go with all bows.


Thanks for all your replies, as soon as I have researched the advised squad size upgrades I will post the fight results :)