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Discussion Fellowship Members Online Status

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Does this have only two statuses (Online and offline) or more? (meaning if there is an ingame tool to see if player is inactive for some time or still only indirect measurement by tourney participation and Elvenstats for detecting non-changing score)?


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@The Evenstar , just a curiosity, how long it takes the system to update the online status? I mean i.e. "every five minutes".
We tested the feature and someone was "pointed" online, but for sure he was not online (anymore), neither leaved open the game.
A kind of a couple of minutes later he was pointed "off".
Btw... the "status point" is soooooo little... (maybe?) too much little, quite "invisible" :D ... but... ok... :)


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For me the online status display is very difficult to see. Using browser (HTML5) and 80% (else it very difficult to oversee your city).

a little bigger point and more brighter green colour could help a lot.


oops i see my previous poster noticed the same.

The Evenstar

Community Manager
@Uffauffa This feature shows up when a player is online for a minimum of 10 minutes, so as you have seen there can be a little delay time with that, due to this timing.
It does indeed look like we are getting a free sight test with this too, which has already been fed back to the development team.


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In my opinion, to help in the management of the fellowship, it would be useful to show the same information shown by the /who command, this to know who is active in real time, and the date and time of the last activity, this to know if a fellow has stopped to play.

The status is so small that when I went to see the features after the update, I didn't see it and thought it wasn't available :)


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INNOs claims about privacy issues is blown out of the water by their Forge of Empires game. When you go through the guild (read fellowship) list doing aids there is a green/yellow/red dot that shows a time frame for last time in the game. Plenty of room on the members list to add this.