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Fellowship description in other languages.

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Simple: If a fellowship has non-english description written, it means they are looking for players speaking that language only.
If you are still interested what their description is, you can always use translator.
You cannot use a translator, because you cannot copy the text, to paste it in a translation tool.
I said that already in my opening post.


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@Earwen1 Should you wish to create a Suggestion after thoughtful dialogue here, please write that over in our Ideas and Suggestions section.

Everyone is always welcome to write up a suggestion to see how the community responds. :)

Thank you. Just think once is enough for now. The point is clear, I think.
I had never expected so much emotions on a simple request. I feel reluctant to start again.


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While I'm not suggesting this is an ideal solution (or even a very practical one, for those not using a PC), if I'm curious enough about any non-translatable text which I can't understand, in any online game or indeed anywhere else, I'm 'that person' who will usually take the time [of which I have plenty to spare...] to load up an online translator page side-by-side with the original page, and then manually re-type the relevant text.

The meaning of the text can sometimes be interesting or surprising, especially where any game (etc.) officially uses a different specified language.

That said, I can see why the Beta Server and its Forum, together with the other English [and non-English] game clients and Forums alike, prefer the use of one common language which all relevant users expect to see, and therefore to understand, without resorting to the above process.

But in Elvenar's case, the most interesting part of @Earwen1's observation, to me, is to wonder not so much why this apparent (?) non-enforcement of the game's own language rules should happen at all (it's inevitable in any multi-language game) - but rather why it should be happening now more than usual - assuming, of course, and without any disagreement with the original post because I myself don't have enough data on this issue, that this change applies not only locally and/or in isolated cases, but more generally and/or on a broader Server-wide scale.

Has anyone else noticed an increase - or otherwise - in non-English language usage, whether in FS descriptions or in FS Names/Player Names...?


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(...) I myself don't have enough data on this issue, that this change applies not only locally and/or in isolated cases, but more generally and/or on a broader Server-wide scale.
For example: if you look at the current Fellowship Adventure Ranking, 7 of the first 16 Fellowships have a non-English description.


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The main issue IMHO is the difficulty to copy/paste in the game.

We (atlas) are mostly french, but we have in our FS quite a large number of other language speaking fellows. It's quite obvious that most of them don't really know english and would need to use a translator anyway. So, we feel the gain of having our description in english isn't very real...
So I'd very much prefer to have the descriptions copy/paste-able or even translatable using your navigator's options


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As not everyone is using the forum, maybe it could be helpfull to send a message with a reminder to all Fellowships and players, in stead of us reporting each other with tickets?
Why, if it's not in a language you can read, it's probebly not a fellowship for you.

I don't see a problem with this. It's more annoying to get 1000 invites from people who turn out not speaking the language you cannot read.


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From your original post, I'm going with option 1. I think the responses here back it up. Personally I am option 1, and don't care what official policy is

Lovec Krys

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@Earwen1 From your original post: #1.
FS description is primarily meant for potential players, so i don't see a problem if it is written in the same language members communicate.
If it violates some rule, then it is time to change that rule (or ignore it).
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