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Discussion Fellowship Adventures

Bor de Wolf 1965

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If you think that is a bad surprise, What do you think about this?
geen prijs.png

We don't get any prize on the NL servers :mad::eek:o_O

Bor de Wolf 1965

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Try to get bag of coins to make it complete.
With a max capacity of 160M coins I need to collect 36672K coins.
That is almost 25% of maximum per badge and I need to collect every coin from all my neighbours.

I am not sure what they are doing at Inno but it seems they would like to scare us away.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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Sorry to say it but to make the numbers even more ridiculous.
A member at chapter 14 with a town hall at level 32 (38m max capacity) needs to collect 15912k coins for 1 badge.
So with 2 badges he would be very close to his maximum limit.
I rely think they need to look at this stupid requirements.
We are already limited due to the summer time with a lot of members on leave on the northern part of this planet.
And now they are making it almost imposible to finish 3x the easy path to a prize that doesn't exist on the map.


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New values required for Bracelets:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - 260 (decrease)
Chapter 3 - 520 (decrease)
Chapter 4 - 1830 (decrease)
Chapter 5 - 4 400 (decrease)
Chapter 6 - 6 800
Chapter 7 - 9 400
Chapter 8 - 13 000
Chapter 9 - 18 800
Chapter 10 - 24 000
Chapter 11 - 30 000
Chapter 12 - 40 000
Chapter 13 - 49 000
Chapter 14 - 58 000
Chapter 15 - 67 000
Chapter 16 - 72 000
Chapter 17 - 77 000
Chapter 18 - 87.000
Chapter 19 - 101 000
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Has anyone worked out the new algorithm in live worlds for sack of coins and elvarian guards?
Is there a per-chapter calculation please?


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I have the new values for bracelets in the FA note.
Guards = 4 x squad size (used to be 3x)

Has anyone worked out the algorithm they use for per-chapter sack of coins?
Seems to be between 30% and 50%.
Chapter 10 = 40,6% (with maximized main hall)
Chapter 12 = 40,7% (with maximized main hall)
Mine in chap 13 = 13284/3400 = 39% - so it looks like 40%
Can others confirm please?

Enevhar Aldarion

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@Jackluyt chapter 19 with main hall at max of level 43. Holds 160m coins and badge is 36.672m coins. That is 22.92% of main hall capacity.

Edit: a chapter 19 player with the main hall still at level 42 has a capacity of 140m, but needs the same amount, so for them the badge is 26.1943% of capacity.
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I have a feeling they are trying to make the previously abundant badges harder to balance, instead of making the harder badges easier.

Before hand, the sack and the guard badges were almost limitless.

Previously they made the druid staff, witch hat and ghost glass harder... Hmmm.

As a business point of view, I understand. So when they offer the bundles are more valuable. But as a player I don't like it. I remember when I started playing during Kirit times. Everything was so rewarding. But maybe it's just the nostalgia.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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I think all we wish for as Beta testers is that they tell us clearly what they are changing and not that we have to find out our self.
As it is now, I keep getting the feeling that I get arrested for illegal weapon posesion and thrown in jail right after I have seen a hospital for removing a knife out of my back.


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New Sack of Coins value July 2022
It looks like ±40% of maximized Main Hall capacity for many but not all chapters. The higher ones require proportionately less. Chapter 19 is only 22%, for example.

Ch. 1 - 72k
Ch. 2 - 192k
Ch. 3 - 396k
Ch. 4 - 756k
Ch. 5 - 1392k
Ch. 6 - 2016k
Ch. 7 - 2976k
Ch. 8 - 4176k
Ch. 9 - 5944k
Ch. 10 - 7056k
Ch. 11 - 8880k
Ch. 12 - 10944k
Ch. 13 - 13284k
Ch. 14 - 15912k
Ch. 15 - 17784k
Ch. 16 - 20508k
Ch. 17 - 23448k
Ch. 18 - 27912k
Ch. 19 - 36672k


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If you think that is a bad surprise, What do you think about this?
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We don't get any prize on the NL servers :mad::eek:o_O
we play for glory and pride :D We do not need any rewards!

With my ch.17 city I visited the whole NH + 23 fellows and I didn't get 2 Coin badges. This is ridiculous. Can this event be made more unpleasant than it is already? So that eventually most FSs will not participate at all?

Hazel Caballus

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I found some kind of a difference in the official communication regarding these changes (sacks of coins and bracelet). The German CM wrote that the changes were unintended, but supposed to be rolled out in some future FA and related to some other changes/features which are not yet introduced. Even though it happened by mistake in this FA, they decided not to do anything to correct the mistake.
The EN CM stated that the changes “seem as intended“.
In the US forum I didn’t find any statement about wether it was intended or not, but they did receive a (belated) announcement of the changes in the forum.
As the explanation from the German CM contains more details, it might be more likely than the other version, but I certainly don’t know for sure.


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@Alcaro : You didn't think they were going to make it [for non-very-keen players] so hard now to earn the 9th, and sometimes even 8th, Artifact - or the final Set Building - in Events without doing something about the easy-single-Path-per-Map way to get those Artifacts... did you? ;)

Inno - the original, and reliable, example of [choose your favourite analogy] : Rob Peter to pay Paul, or - give with one hand, take with the other.

I think they operate some kind of 'Master Spreadsheet' [my own invented term; you could substitute e.g. database, novel self-made software, whatever] which not only predicts the effects upon the entire game when changes are made to only certain parts of it, but also - whenever they either introduce or increase a method of earning A or B in-game Resource/reward from X or Y source(s) - auto-calculates for them how to remove the same amount - or more - of A or B Resource/reward from D, E, F [etc.] other parts of the game - some, or even all, of which will appear to be entirely unrelated, of course.

And because Inno almost certainly don't plan or implement anything at all (at least nowadays) without consulting detailed player metrics, it's probably easy for them to see where players will tolerate this kind of tinkering, and where they won't - and if they won't tolerate it despite Inno's predictions (after all, human behaviour will never really be comprehensible by any A.[non-]I. software) - again, as shown by metrics [who needs player comments any more?], this 'Master Spreadsheet' will come up with various ways to alter the specific choice made into a more 'acceptable' form.

The use of so-called A/B Testing, which is increasingly prevalent amongst [especially mobile] gaming houses, only serves to further confuse players and to conceal all of the above, too - including, as ? perhaps described by @Hazel Caballus, above, even their own Forum staff, at times.

Not a joke.