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Discussion Fellowship Adventures

Hazel Caballus

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I crafted two recipes in the magic academy and the vision vapor didn’t count towards the arcane residue badge. Only the third recipe I crafted was counted again. I did four provinces in the tourney and only the forth one was counted as contributing to the ghost badge (showing 1/3 encounters, previously being 0/3). Did anyone else notice irregularities like these?


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The FA would be spiced up if there were ranking points given to players.

My suggestion is a lot of ranking points, but man, would it up the competition.

So the ranking points for distribution would go like so:

1st - 100,000
2nd - 70,000
3rd - 50, 000
4th - 40,000
5th - 30,000
6th - 20,000
7th - 15,000
8th - 13,000
9th - 12,000
10th -11,000
11th - 10,000
12th - 9,000
13th - 8,000
14th - 7,000
15th - 6,000
16th - 5,000
17th - 4,000
18th - 3,000
19th - 2,000
20th -1,000

But then, how the points get distributed to the players would be a weighted system where a placed badge counts from 0 to 3 points.

I would assign the point weighting as follows
3 points for blacksmith, farmers and arcane residue
2 points for carpenters, bracelets, necklaces, statues
1 point for dwarven, witch hat, druid staff, coin, tiara, wonder
0 points for marble, ghost, guard

So you get points for each badge placed and at the end you get a percent of the ranking points based on your percent total of the total badge points from placing badges.

Maybe with the new evolving building the arcane residue should be 2 points, but I think you still have to burn quite a few time instants to get enough arcane residue for a competitive FA.

I think a weight system to divide up winning points is important because you always have players that do not contribute much and then you have players that completely strip their city for the FA. I think the wonder, marble and ghost badges go together in that playing a strong tournament means all three will be in excess and I just thought that to give a point for each would weight players too heavy for easy to get excess badges. This may not be easy for a lot of FS, but it will be easy for any FS competing for a top 20 spot.

If a change, such as putting the farmer back to 5 WS (which would be a good change) then it would be weighted 2 points. If the BS was put down to 2 or 3 WS then I would also weight it 2 points.

So I suspect that the prize distribution could be that the top 5 players in the FS take 50% of prize, but they would also stripped their resources the most, but that percentage would probably be less in order to win because the level of competition would be "all hands in."

Over and over again players express, what's the point of competing in the FA because the prizes really have very little value difference between just doing a single path and competing to win.

Really and truly, something like this has been missing from the FA from the start.

And 100,000k ranking points is an average of only 4,000 per player. The FA is and has always been far more work than a tournament and it lacks reasonable prizes.
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From my point of view, this idea is the opposite of a FA contribution. :mad:.
The members are working against each other to gain the most points by placing the corresponding badge.

FA is working together to reach the goal and not a "one-man-show"
A one man show would never win any points as a one man show would never place. I've played the FA to win and gotten a score way over 60k and had 3 or 4 players that did the absolute minimum to help and come in second by around 1% of our total score. There has to be motivation to pull these players in, and if they aren't going to do much, the win should be shared by the degree of contribution. You would have to co-operate to place. The kind of thing you are talking about would result in not doing very well. And I weighted the badges by the sacrifice you'd have to make. But you'd completely have to cooperate because if you don't balance your badges, you have a bunch of badges you can't play. I thought without the weighting that I did, what you are describing would be more likely. You simply just have tournament badges and they are to excess and if they weren't weighted, you'd have players wanting to play the badges that come naturally.

In the example I gave, 5 players did contribute half the open space for workshops and manufacturers. The point distribution would have been about 7,000 ranking points each to the top 5 and maybe 50-100 each for the bottom 5, and about 2300 average to the players in the middle for a second place. There was absolutely nothing else to be done by the top contributors, but a prize might have pushed the players that didn't put any buildings away to have done so and top players would have still done about the same, but there would have been a 1st place to share so another 30k to share with the rest of the team and I suspect the smallest share would probably be closer to 1000 points, but even with a big prize some might still not help. But I think more would.

And I think it would change this thing about the same team winning each week because you'd have teams planning 2 or 3 FA ahead of time to go in deep to win.

Enevhar Aldarion

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From my point of view, this idea is the opposite of a FA contribution. :mad:.
The members are working against each other to gain the most points by placing the corresponding badge.

FA is working together to reach the goal and not a "one-man-show"

Yep. I don't like bonus ranking points being won from anything and should also be removed as a reward for a top 100 tournament finish. Thankfully, the ranking fanatics are not as numerous now as they were when I started playing on the US server five years ago.


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From my point of view, this idea is the opposite of a FA contribution. :mad:.
The members are working against each other to gain the most points by placing the corresponding badge.

FA is working together to reach the goal and not a "one-man-show"
Yes, fully agree. And its also a matter of being in a guest race oder between the guests at that time. FS is just a thing, different people have different space at different times. So sometimes some players do only small amounts of badges, next time they will help with a lot of badges.

And your system @Enevhar Aldarion tempts players to lose the team spirit and then trick teammates for ranking points. And this, really, is not the spirit of a FS.


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None of my fellowships are a top 50 ranked Fellowship. so our weighting would be different than outlined by Edeba .. All the team do PB tourney in FA week and we still have to time boost hats and staffs in the MA ... to get close to 90k points needed .so I would weight those higher ... . For those of you in better ranked city’s you are not limited to the same extent on the number of provinces you can do.
Ranking points are a strange reward .. I can’t see why they would spice up the FA .. give us something we can use ... going from 981 ranking to 980 is just durrrrrr so what!!!

Lovec Krys

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@HappyRose We are limited mostly by costs. But yes, if we want we can burn half year worth of resources to clear 60+ provinces (i don't even want to know the costs of that, these days costs in 30-40 are more than enough for me to stop (in the old tournament i was doing 50+ provinces, but you know, exponential formula takes effect especialy with being at the end of tech tree with lots of wonder levels and expansions)).


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Over Half my team don’t have 30 provinces yet.. hence I consider hats much harder to get.. especially on a Thursday start as Time Warp is late in the chapters...we can clear enough space to do blacksmith and farmers ... and would rank them middle ... but then all 25 members take part.. my point was that different fellowships have different bottlenecks depending on the level of the members.
why burn resources? Fighting is less costly
we play FA because it’s fun for a smaller team to pull together and excel but ranking points don’t excite us ...we would like some nice rewards in the FA for the top 10 ... more time boost would be great or a DA

Lovec Krys

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@HappyRose Yes, i understand that FSs composed of low chapter players are limited in tourney by number of provinces. Later they will be limited by the costs.
I fight, but training army is included in the costs category. Especialy with very huge squads in later provinces. You might be limited by simply the squad size itself (not enough units to form squads).
(there is always a possibility to burn up your resources (= use time instants worth thousands of hours to train more army))
I don't even think about negotiate 50+ provinces - there is no way of storing that much mana, the only way would be to burn thousands of spells to produce mana through Dragon Abbey (but it's the same as burning thousands of time instatns).

Btw, you can make hats in academy if you are not low on relics (most advanced players have thousands of them - my main city has 10k+ of each and i'm constantly manufacturing MM spells, and i think that Crazywizzard has over 20k of them).
Other way to make more hats is to have lv10 Panda (2 MM spells/48h).
And they come from NH too (if you don't NH regularly).

my point was that different fellowships have different bottlenecks depending on the level of the members.
I agree with that.
But when you get to the top FA FSs, that bottlenecks will be reduced to how many vision vapor can you produce (or in extreme version how many diamonds for flipping recipes are you wiling to use).
(second most limitating badge for end game players is bracelet, you can overcome this with a FA only low chapter city with 20+ T1s that can make much more bracelets than end game cities).

Most FAs composed mainly of end game cities do not bother with FA more than the easest route for rewards and then have a few free days before FA ends.


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just one player at level 3 can do 50+ bracelets per day
and be of use in the spire
and be a reasonable tourney participant
so for "end game FS", we're back to vv, and I'm not willing to spend hundreds of time boosts (and catalysts) for useless recipes, so ...

Enevhar Aldarion

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It is about that time again. The last two FAs were scheduled for a Tuesday start, though the last one got delayed a day by some glitch. Does anyone have the info yet that this one is also scheduled to start on a Tuesday, likely next week, meaning it ends on a Monday again, with no tournament to use for making badges?


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no timer on beta that says when a FA is gonna start? i just click on the tech tree and ig et this...a FA has started . could not even prepare for it.



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I don't know if I'm participating this time, We have not been able to prepare at all
just do 1 route per map tbh , should be able to do that with the fellowship , thats how i do it on 1 live server since the prices are not worth to invest time to compete for top ranks.