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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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You must have missed the last FA. The Mana Hut and Menhirok's Barrow were great prizes....

Perspective, some of us have a dozen magical huts in our inventory, i still have my Menhirok's from the its first invention.
......but, who cares about mid-range pop buildings? sorry but it doesn't even make top ten in existence. We do FAR less work to get our first 10 artifacts then the badges needed to win TWO artifacts in an FA, with Zero planning tools provided to fellowships in game and only external charts and sheets to assist players in making it, this is still an extremely poorly thought out and poorly executed event in the land of Elvenar. The colored path option doesn't even allow for 2 paths to be highlighted same time. This change did nothing for quality of life.

There are dozens of suggestions on how to make teh FSA better, the only version of it I see as an improvement is matching the effort to the rewards. We get 30 days for an event and the tasks take about 24hrs a day for some tasks. Badges are far more numerous and so therefore, the artifacts should be increased, turned into universal artifacts ( work in any evo-building) or, the badges should be far easier to make and collect ( change interface to swipe to collect and remove the "Claim" window )

@Karvest mentioned the new timer - the timer would be nice to have on all the time. always telling the next event. next FSA, next tourney. Should be a chart / calendar that shows all upcoming events in game. I can't think of a game with events, that doesn't already do that, show you upcoming and time when releasing. Inno doesn't want to be predictable? then stop giving us the same mediocre FSA with boring prizes, FSA is as predictable as it comes.
No space in the app? Add a tab in the Main Hall building or avatar window for upcoming events. No one is looking at their own picture all day, why not use that space a bit better and incorporate the timer there, permanently.


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A new round of Fellowship Adventures starts on Tuesday 27th.
Could we please have some official information as to whether this will be the same format as the last few?



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question: Where is it possible to see the maps for the upcoming FA ?
Because I don’t see the positive side to tell us to gather our fs and to let us in the dark to wait the beginning of the game to see the maps if there is any change…
If the maps are like last time, this is not important.
However, it should be nice to get a link to the maps along with the timer.


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For now maps are the same. They can be changed in any moment before FA start, but I guess there won't be any changes as there is nothing about "new style" in announcement.


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Elvenar Team
Out of curiosity: Why not?

What advantage does inno perceive in keeping players in the dark? Other games have full-on calendars with upcoming events and other things to look forward to.

Out of curiosity, what is the advantage to have "official" confirmation?
In case we give it, and it changed last minute (without even us knowing in advance), then what? are you gonna sue us?
what's the extra value of getting an official reply compared to the info you have now?

If you want an official statement, ill give you one, as soon as it started. Thats the only moment we can give you info that's surely true.

Enevhar Aldarion

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@Kersepitje you and everyone else who works as mods on the forums can only tell us what the devs and bosses at Inno tell you. But I think what @SoggyShorts is getting at is that almost all other games have an official calendar in-game that are put there by people paid to do that specific work of programming. A lot of other games also have shorter, and much more frequent, events and new content added all the time, so that kind of in-game calendar for all the upcoming content and announcements is needed.

And sure, on Beta, things are supposed to be more in the dark, to keep people from prepping for stuff, and maybe even not finding certain bugs because that prep somehow bypassed it. But on the Live servers, getting official announcements for anything only a day or two before they are scheduled to start is so opposite what other games do.


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Out of curiosity, what is the advantage to have "official" confirmation?
Oh, I couldn't care less if the information is "official" or not, I just want more information. Even if it changes before release or later.
Why not float ideas past your beta testers and actually use us as a focus group for product testing instead of just bug-catchers?
Let's face it, once you've spent the time&money on developing a feature you're going to stick with it 99% of the time unless it's totally broken.

It's a huge waste of free crowd-sourced labor potential.
In case we give it, and it changed last minute (without even us knowing in advance), then what? are you gonna sue us?
That's absolutely ridiculous, especially on Beta. "Subject to change without notice" covers everything.
As for Live servers and a calendar, like @Enevhar Aldarion said, it's about player engagement.

"What's happening in Elvenar?"
-"Not much, The sea horse event for another couple of weeks, then an FA probably"

"What's happening in Elvenar?"
-"Loads of stuff! The sea horse until Aug 8, then 5 days later an FA for 6 days which has a 50 KP, a carting library, and a mystery prize, then 2 days later a Craftsmans challenge, then a mystery event, then starting Sept 9 the fall event which seems to be bear-themed..."

Even though there's no actual difference, having a calendar of events feels like there's a lot more going on. You can even fluff it up by including the Spire (with artifacts hidden or revealed) and the tournament.

Think about real-life: when you have a beach vacation coming up it's fine for it to be a surprise sometimes, but really if you know a while in advance you can look forward to it for weeks and the anticipation is also good.

Life (and games) are just more interesting when you have more coming up. I love that tomorrow we're going to the Cactus Club for dinner, next weekend we're going to my BiL's birthday party, and in 2 months we're going to Thailand.
Sure, any or all of those plans could change, but who cares? It's already nice to think about.


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With all due respect, if it's said and things change then it's even a bigger mess,

I do understand very well why they do not make any official announcements, I mean there are already people that blame inno-games for information on elvengems.
It's the game thats wrong, not an external webpage.

Now you want them to add a possibly false official statement on the forums? then all hell breaks loose?
I mean the standard sentence these days at announcements on live are:
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing, and prizes between Beta and Live release. App version 1.134 is required for the event to function properly. This app version is released separately from the event. In addition to that, please note that the final day of the event spans more than 24 hours, in order to not have the event end during the night (CET). That means the Daily Exclusive on August 11th is the final Daily Exclusive reward that is also available for some more hours in the morning (CET) of August 12th. No new event quest is added to the questline on August 12th, the final Quest Milestone can be unlocked on August 11th.

This is how far it goes these day's we even have open disclaimers, and people still ignore those and blame elvenar for any percieved errors.

Go figure!


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Beta or not Beta ?!

From my point of view we are NOT Beta, we are pre-Alpha. Only 2 weeks ahead to identify last bugs to run the game without major critical issues.

A real „Beta“ is a playground for ideas, knowing that not all will be included in the live version.