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Discussion Fellowship Adventures


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Jeg har gode nyheder til dig: De er blevet fjernet. Opgaverne / badgesne beder nu om ALLE.

Så det er ikke 1 marmor, 1 planke, 1 stål.
I stedet er det 2 marmor ELLER 2 planker ELLER 2 stål


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If you read the thread you will find several posts of members with spoilers. There you should find what you are looking for.


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Hmmm, productions from small workshops don't count? I just collected 5 24h productions and didn't get a blacksmith

PS, Yes it did, just collected with the druid annd I didn't noticed, sorry


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is the moon bear artifact intended on stage 3 again? or its a bug and there should be witch hut artifact


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is the moon bear artifact intended on stage 3 again? or its a bug and there should be witch hut artifact

and if there actually is a moon bear artifact (and it's not a bug) - is there again an exchange option at the academy ?


I just solved an encounter by negotiation, nothing received for my Ghost in a Bottle, I solved an encounter with fighting, again nothing for my Ghost in a Bottle. I did receive 2 relics for my Elemental Marbles. What is wrong?

Okay, I now did 4 Spire encounters and received them, so it doesn't apply to encounters on the Worldmap. It would be good to change the task-description for the Ghost in a Bottle.
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Here is the core information for the Fellowship Adventures , if you would like to share them with friends who do not play on Beta

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/elve...ta-monday-2nd-november-2020/2763619473900032/

The new Adventure Items
I think the wording for Ghost in a bottle is wrong - it should be Spire or Tournament Encounters - to be confirmed
All of these Badges still need testing!
Some of the descriptions given in the tooltips seem to be faulty. Witches Hat does NOT include Catalyst, and Ghost only works for Spire and Tournament. All of these need verification and the graphic may need to be altered.


The Prizes

Stage 1

1 Ancient Knowledge Instant 15
Carting Library
10 x Booster 10 minutes

Stage 2
2 Ancient Knowledge Instant 20
Witch’s Hut Artifact
15 x Booster 30 minutes

Stage 3
Ferris Wheel Galore
Witch’s Hut Artifact (The picture shows a Moon Bear but that is a mistake)
25 x Booster 45 minutes


The Fellowship Rewards

The top fellowships get more and better boosters this time!
The rest are unchanged

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Small overview:

Completely unchanged:
Dwarven Brewery: 50x5min
Carpenters: 10 x 3 hours
Blacksmith: 5 x 24 hours
Wonder Society: 10 AW
Elvarian Guard

Changed or NEW:

Farmers: now 10 x 9 hours (instead of 5 x 9 hours previously)
Bracelet: some amount of wood, marble and / or steel
Necklaces: 3 x 24 hours wood, marble and / or steel
Statues: 2 x 48 hours wood, marble and / or steel
Witch hat: collect various spells twice, also mixed
Druid staff: collect catalyst x1
Arcane Residue: Collect 15 vision vapor
Elemental Marbles: collect 10 relics
Enchanted Tiara: use 3 spells (no food or teleporter)
Ghost in a bottle: solve 4 encounters and/or 4 tournament encounters.

Remaining badges such as wand, potion, baker etc are no longer available.

There is ONLY an artifact for the witch's hut on path 2. On path 3 there is another moon bear artifact. (If it's not a bug)


Way 1:
1 x 15 AW - 1carting library - 10 x 10 min booster

Way 2:
2 x 20 AW - 1 witch's hut artifact - 15 x 30 min booster

Way 3:
1 x Ferris wheel - 1 x moon bear artifact - 25 x 45 min booster

Lovec Krys

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@Gyzmo Ghost is Spire/Tournament only (not map encounters)

Ok, some notes:
While removing treant & baker, why didn't you remove beer? From those 3, beer is the least popular one (no one likes to click 5 mins after several months of playing).
Guard: Increased amount - not everyone has now 3 queues (I do in my main city, on beta I have 2), there are still many players with only 1 queue (limiting small FSs).
Residue: Hate this! 15 VV is a lot. Very limiting for small FSs or FSs of smaller cities (without multiple Libraries and doing only 1st floor, they have very limited crafting). And often there is absolute garbage in the recipe pool.
Marbles: NO, no and no. Nobody likes doing many relic quests over and over again.
Ghost: Limiting small FSs (especialy now, when new tourney is very limited for most players)

Rewards: Are you kidding us? No positive change in rewards despite you made FA harder?
And the Moon Bear artefact is a double joke.