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Other [Fellowship adventures] Update


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[Fellowship adventures] Update

Based on the conversations we have seen on the forum, we thought to suggest some changes in order for the fellowship adventures to become more interesting and attractive.
The changes we suggest are the following :
1. Modify the way we put the emblems in the Bottomless Pit
2. Adding Rewards

Analyzing these two changes

As far as the functioning of the Bottomless Pit is concerned, our main idea is to add a fourth box next to the existing three.

Alernative Choice.jpg

Within this box, players will be able to put any of the 9 emblems, that are used for the Bottomless Pits.
Our thinking for this addition is that many fellowships are not able to manufacture the same quantity of emblems needed for the pits, thus regarding them as unsaturated emblems. The existing functioning of the pit will not change nor will get affected, we simply add an alternative choice, in order for any fellowship to move forward to the next bottomless pit. In order to be more specific, the fellowships would ordinarily move to the bottomless pit in the same way they used to but in case that they do not have the emblems asked for a particular pit then they would be given the opportunity to put any of the 9 emblems in the fourth box in order to move to the next pit. Based on the space and time needed for the production of each emblem we have calculated the ratio (in percentage) of each emblem needed in order to complete 100% of a pit so to move forward. Because this function is much easier for the completion of a pit, due to the fact that no particular emblems would be needed for the fourth box, proportionally the emblems needed would require more time to be produced.
For example in order to complete the second pit that normaly require 3 Carpenters Guild Badges, 3 Farmers Delight Badges and 3 Blacksmiths Guild Badges in the fourth box, a ratio of emblems would be : 40 Dwarven Brewery Badges, 28 Luxurous Flacons, 9 Bakers Guild Badges, 10 Golden Bracelets, and 2 Blacksmiths Guild Badges (numbers are rounded up). Someone might think that the above mentioned ratio of emblems is very large but we have to considere that the production of a blacksmith, if one takes into account space and production time, corresponds/equals to the production of 30 dwarves.
Due to the fact that there is too much data to be analyzed and the text would become very lengthy, we will not get into details but we are at the disposal of the development team for further info. Here is a rough draft of what the player would see by selecting the fourth box.

Nine Emblems.jpg

As you can see it includes 9 emblems and by pressing + on the chosen emblem, it would indicate the number of emblems used and the bar located underneath will fill until it’s full. We leave it at the company’s discretion to fill in the number of diamonds that would correspond to each emblem.

As far as the rewards are concerned, here is a table that includes some rewards depending on the number of pits completed. There will be a bar similar to that of the Spire of Eternity, which will show the progress of a Fellowship in the pits.
This feature is distinct from the first part
5 pits = 3 x 1 hour booster + 1 carting library
10 pits = 7 x 1 hour booster + 1 gingerbread Artifact
25 pits = 30 diamonds + 2 combining catalysts
50 pits = 1 x 8 hour booster + 1 mermaid artifact
100 pits = 1 teleport building + 5 x 2 hour booster
200 pits = 50 diamonds + 1 bear artifact
300 pits = 3 uet food + 3 x 5 hour booster
450 pits = 4 combining catalysts + unleashed unit upgrade + 1 stonehenge artifact
600 pits = 75 diamonds + 4 x 5 hour booster + 1 ferris wheel galore
800 pits = 8 pet food + 8 combining catalysts + 1 phoenix artifact
1000 pits = 2 teleport building + 3 x 8 hour booster + 1 trading outpost
1250 pits = 100 diamonds + 1 wishing well
1500 pits = 2 supply windfall 100% + 3 x 14 hour booster + 1 dwarven armorer
1750 pits = 3 x 20 hour booster + 10 royal restoration + 1 portal profit 50%
2000 pits = 150 diamonds + 4 teleport building + 3 ancient knowledge points 30 + 2 x 40 hour booster

We believe it’s worth adding these features, so the fellowship adventures get the place they deserve in the game.

Kind Regards
Fellowship H3LLVENAR from Greek Arendyll server


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It is sad to see that 158 people have already read this thread and noone bothered to post a comment positive or even negative. My Fellowship tried to start a discussion about adventures but unfortunately it seems that there is noone really interested.


I may be half asleep but I think I know what you mean, as an alternative to the alternative, instead of another box, who about all sets, so currently the pit is a group of 3 badges then another then another, I suggest that all groups are available thus giving the FS players more chances to fill the groups with there spare badges


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The idea is nice
Butt my fs will never ever use it to much useless clickingin behave of inno

We do 1 path every round click on the price and finish no more no less
Even for 1000 diamonds never will go to 2000 pitt fillings thats arround 1 million mouse clicks

so the idea is nice butt who will use it