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Implemented Fellowship Activity Board

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Well-Known Member
Implement a way to see the activity of individual Fellowship members.

Instead of using „/who“ in the chat to see who is present, a small side panel with a list of FS members would be helpful to see who is online (green), online within last 7 days (yellow) or off-line for more than 7 days (red)


It would make it easier for (Arch)mages to see who is and who isn't active at the moment.

Possible downsides
Privacy. Not all players will want other players to see for how long they've been inactive.
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This feature is so basic and so useful, that it had to come together with fellowships back in 2015. I still can´t believe we´re having /who command, today. Of course yes from me, and keep all my fingers crossed for this idea to get on the right place lightning fast.


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no point imo; 7days or more is both useless as information. We would have noticed 2d-3 days due to help/tournament. no need for a board with the parameters.

Lovec Krys

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@Richord Help is actualy not the measurement, which can be used in general, since there are many players still without the fast help including me - so usualy I don't bother with motivations, and if I do I only click for seeds from Sunset Towers.
And in some less active fellowships some players don't bother with tournaments either.
Anyway despite I don't consider this as a top priority, I woted for it.