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User Interface FA - “claim all” button for badge collecting


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Hi all,
during our last FA, the new badge collecting feature rocked our life in playing FA. Very useful! Thanks to developers, good job.

Besides, I would like to ask “forumers“ (and developers) if it could be a good improvement to get a “CLAIM ALL” button when collecting ALL the badges in one click or tap, instead of “one by one” (i.e. the same button in the “grand prize collecting” during events). Sometimes it involves a lot of different badges and I found it a little “redundant”.
In this case, it can be easily “deleted“ the single badge claim button as it will become useless.


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Well, I'm pretty happy with the number of reduced clicks so those 20 badges that need one click to collect all saves a 100 clicks or more...

Of course, we never collected all the badges before because we'd stop when we thought we had enough.