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City Evolving buildings teleportable at certain levels with special teleport items.


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Some of the evolving buildings have to be teleportable.
There starts to be chaos inside inventories and cities with too many buildings.
We have a right to teleport our rewards we worked hard for, without need to delete them.

As i know it teleporting them would require to create 160 versions of each building, 10 for each chapter.

My first proposition is to allow players to only teleport them at 2 or 3 stages (stage 5 and 10 or stage 1,5,10 or stage 3,6,10).
It would allow to minimalize the work to put into them.

My 2nd proposition is to introduce this option part by part with special spell "evolving teleport" available as one of the main prizes on each big event.
Quantity of such item would be small and wouldn't allow players to switch buildings all the time.
It could be bound to the type of building if needed "siren evolving teleport", "autumn evolving teleport" etc.

Such idea is balanced in my opinion and totally doable, erasing the argument of "too much work to handle" which was brought by team last year.
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There is another option: teleport any envolving building as the basic (stage 1) building PLUS relevant number of appropriate artifacts. Easy to implement, without any need to change data model.
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