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[Events] Add colour to the paths on the FA map

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
Add colors to the different paths in the Fellowship Adventures

To make the paths a little easier to see, I think they should add semi-transparent colours to paths on the FA map!
Something like this

It would make the paths a bit more clear.

Possible downsides
It has to look nice from an UI point of view.
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To incorporate it into the existing graphic a bit better, rather than simply highlighting the paths, instead change the way the paths are illustrated, e.g.
For the orange path make it a sandy path with reddish soil (the sort you get when it's rich in iron).
For the blue path make it a gravel path with blue-grey gravel.
For the green path make it a mossy path with lots of green moss or grass.

Or maybe make them all colourful gravel with their respective colours, a bit like this:


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I voted yes, but on the condition that it's implemented in a manner that's graphically appealing, perhaps something like the first half of my above comment.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Thank you for voting guys. Since a lot of multi accounts were used for pushing this idea above the tresholds and without them we wouldn't meet the minimum requirements, unfortunately there isn't enough support for this idea. We will archive this thread now.