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New issue error loading the game in the app


Well-Known Member
I have been more than a month, in which when I go to enter elvenar beta, the game stays loading for more than 2 minutes ... until finally, it opens. it has never happened to me ... it ALWAYS happens to me ... and I'm getting tired of this topic.
I don't know how they can lead to such a big failure for so long.


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
My first guess would be, that your decide is running out of memory, or even storage.
Since you are the only one experiencing this, I'm pretty confident its related to your device.

Have you tried installing the app on another device and see if its similar there? (a friends phone and/or tablet)


Well-Known Member
I have the normal application installed, and the dual application. In normal, I open the game on the Spanish server, and I have no problem. It only happens to me in the dual application, when I go into beta, so it is not a problem of space at all.