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Discussion Elvarian Carnival


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Today's prize actually seems like a bad joke. After going through the event at a snail's pace, getting mostly coin and supply instants and buildings that are copies of some I still have in inventory, I only have 6 evolutions so far. Much as the chests and non-random quests are a huge improvement, the whole experience has been a disappointment. Again. The "improvements" that were made have taken us from sub-standard to mediocre. Maybe it is just me, but mediocrity does not inspire me to feel good about anything. I expect Inno to make the effort to ensure that the game is as good as it can be. It is what needs to be done to keep people involved and interested. Instead of boring us to death with this cycle of events that are absolutely no fun.


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This daily would be maybe sufficient for endless quests with summer sirens 64 per quest quantity but surely not for limited questline.
But who cares, weak main prize, weak daily prizes, have you heard any answer for feedback? :p


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¿PERO QUÉ ES ESTO? No contento con marearse, poner primero una serie de misiones aleatorias regulares, más otra adicional, nos cambia en el medio del evento a una serie de 85 misiones limitadas porque de acuerdo con sus cálculos (a menudo el matemático que lo hizo. ..) no conseguimos ni siquiera 7 artefactos ... bueno ahora con las 85 misiones finitas, TAMBIÉN ... o tienes suerte, o te quedas con 6 ...
No contento con esto, has repetido la broma del premio diario de 1x8h ... ¡2 VECES! ¿no te da vergüenza?
Y para colmo ... el ÚNICO día que el pozo de los deseos sale durante todo el evento ... (redoble de tambores) es el ... ¿PRIMERO? !!!! ¿¿PERO QUÉ ES ESTO?? ¡¡DETENER!! No es otra broma, se acabó, jugué beta para adelantarme a lo que venía, jugué por diversión y para probar todo, pero aquí hemos llegado, después del decepcionante y fatídico evento de invierno, llegas y superas con este carnaval ( y vea que fue difícil ...) ¡No solo no cambia nada para mejor, sino que lo empeora aún más! Bueno sabes lo que digo? que mi tiempo es más valioso que tus pruebas con nosotros en beta, vas a tener que pagarme para seguir jugando, porque cuando alguien intenta algo para luego vivir, todo es correcto y bueno, se recompensa de alguna manera, y Aquí todo lo que veo son burlas, errores, cambios, pruebas absurdas, desprecio por los jugadores, descuidan en todas partes, no escuchan las opiniones y opciones que damos (como ocurrieron en el invierno) y, en particular, a mí, me han terminado con este último día en el que esperaba la apariencia de desear pozos ... Dado que el resto de los premios son RIDICULOSOS y no valen la pena, excepto el de 4x8h y el único que esperaba ver reptiles, ¿fue el de los pozos de los deseos ... lo peor? que en vivo, tendremos que tragarnos lo mismo, ¿QUEDAMOS SIN ESTOS POZOS? Te equivocaste en el camino, como persona y como jugador. Después de horas y 22 días de dedicación cumpliendo misiones regulares de bonificación y los 85 nuevos restantes ... Tengo 11,350 dulces que esperaba usar el día en que salieran los pozos deseando nuevamente. Después de ver que no hay hoy, siendo el último día, solo puedo decir ...
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Well, last day prize was predictable yesterday, since it's the only way to give us the last of the new buildings, but yesterday it was already too late to spend candies... no decent daily prize in last 5 days... If I knew that back then, I'd at least have dumped my candies into 30AWKP or 4x8h...


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I was still in Amuni when Constructs came out, so I had no time to set up event buildings. I finished Constructs just as ... shudder ... Chapter 15 arrived. I have crawled through burning coals and broken glass since last year in the fall to get through it, but finally the main city made it through both the chapter of horrors and the event. Finally I have enough space to put out the Wishing Wells I've earned in all the events we've been through. 22. Yes, I had accumulated 22 Wishing Wells, and pretty sure none were from this event, since they arrived before I had enough candies to earn any, with my kind of luck. I know others will disagree, and I understand what they're saying, but I was happy with several of the prizes, such as the Bubbles Float, which can take the place of much larger buildings. I'm also VERY happy to have an ending to the event. I'm worn out and thrilled to have a little time to set up for events, upgrades, and long abandoned Wishing Wells.


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Well i said that we were mad about Autumn Zodiac but we might face something 10 times worse and here we are this winter, 2 events in a row
No Wishing Well xD Maybe they change it for live version, hopefully because many people are asking for wells
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The Event is on the last day in Beta and I quite enjoyed it - though running out of quests was a bit of a let-down, compared to recent events that had endless lists.

One comment: All events past and present seem to end with a whimper, not a bang - and surely this is not how it should be?
The last day should be fun and full of surprises - but the designers seem to always give us a very ordinary Exclusive on the last day, and that is a bit of a let-down. More so this time, when we have been expecting a second chance to gain Wishing Wells, which has become the norm - but this time not to be.

Why not have a Mystery Object on the last day?
Advertise it well in advance, but keep it very secret under wraps until the last minute so the hackers can't get at it. That would give one something to look forward to - and present the choice of whether or not to hold back candies for something that one might not need or want...
There is still not enough FUN in these events!
Adding a mystery spin from time to time and daily log-in mystery rewards would certainly make the events more interesting - at present they are (mostly) well designed - but rather boring...

A greater variety of quests would certainly help, not the same ones over and over - and it would I believe be a good idea to have a competition with Diamond prizes to see which quests players dream up - who knows there may be some good ideas!

One of my players just posted this:
“I wish they would go back to the random unlimited quests. There is (almost) no way to get enough artifacts to get the building to 10 with the limited quests offered. The only thing that needed to be fixed with the random quests was to make them just a bit more random.”

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Well inno improved there selfs again

What drunk made this event possible and much worse what blind controlled it
4x 8 hour is normal price 1 x 8 hour is a stupid joke all events it was 20 hour and even the same mistake twice

And now inno shows there real backside to us only 1 time wishing well and they now almost al players play for that .
The reason its a new year and the need to sell more diamonds..

well inno never ever in a cold day in hell i would pay money if i dont get the promotion for diamonds

The reason most players play the event is wishing wells because the expansions are almost as expansive as a trip with elon musk to the moon.
what does a level 15 player want with al the buildings you put in the event nothing the evolving building worthless .
It will wonder me if a level 15 player builds it ,
you say oke butt you can fragments from it . thats a joke many players have 100 k there and nothing to craft that is worth it .

evertime you have a idea butt only look at the idea and not next year that is your mistake.

like fragments relics instants 1000s and 1000s in collection and no use your killing your game slowly
but stil the graphics are the best


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Quest: research 2 tech or upgrade 2 buildings level 12 or higher,

How can you make enough goods in level 15 to research immediatly 2 tech , even in 10 days it would be difficult , and if you have only time to log in once a day with the decoy of goods you never reach the tech.

upgrade 2 buildings level 12 as a level 15 player all buildings are already max so you have to build from 0 to 12 again 3 days waiting or research a tech that you can upgrade if you are lucky that there is 1 available immediatly, or spend all your timers to quickly complete the quest and if you are lucky you can win 1 timer of 8h back :mad::eek::eek:

Same for scout 1 province , it takes 72h or again spend all your timers

I have the feeling that players from the first hour and level 15 are punished for their loyality.

No wonder many players left elvenar
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Does anybody remember lats year's Carnival event ?. Many players hoped for Trading Outpost as a daily prize, but it didn't appear on beta. Nobody expected it on live servers anymore, but on the last day... surprise surprise, there it was. Of course almost nobody had any currency left at that time, so it just made players angry. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they did it with WW this time. In total four days with time boosters as a daily seem to be... strange, almost "artificially set". Almost as if the last day with 1x 8h was just a placeholder. Of course it's just a guess, but Inno has already set a precedent last year. On the other hand, Carnival 2019 was the only major event without WW, so you never know...


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Why is it that when you don't want to win the daily you do?
I had saved most of my candy as i hadn't seen a prize that really interested me, so i had just over 4000 to spend. i chose based on what other things interested me in chest mostly :kp: or instants, ended up doing purple and then red, gold or the 18 but still managed to win 16 of the pointless building.


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Finally, we do all these quests for some time reduction (with a massive nerf), massive fragments (i understand why these need 6 digits !), 2 wishing, 2 librairies and 2 techs, wha ! Again we are punished to play on beta, in live even with less candies, players will have more time reduction using the day with 4x8h, only 1 tech building less (GP is useless).


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Finally, we do all these quests for some time reduction (with a massive nerf), massive fragments (i understand why these need 6 digits !), 2 wishing, 2 librairies and 2 techs, wha ! Again we are punished to play on beta, in live even with less candies, players will have more time reduction using the day with 4x8h, only 1 tech building less (GP is useless).
You've got 2 buildings and whole event reset.
Live version has only 85 quests and 1 building.
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