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Dragon Wings. English-speaking fellowship with some German speakers


Active Member
Hi everyone,

I've recently taken over as archmage of Dragon Wings. We're a fellowship for people who like playing tournaments and fellowship adventures but don't want to build their lives around them.

So if you're happy to contribute 250+ points in most weeks and 500+ if we agree on a push tournament then please join us. Personally I score over 1000 in a typical week, sometimes over 2000, and there are others who do so too, but I don't want the pressures that come with expecting to do 10 chests every week.

As for fellowship adventures, we've completed all three maps in every FA since I joined just over a year ago. I'm pretty sure that we've been in the top 50 every time and have sometimes made the top 20.

We have KP exchange chain threads and encourage help visits to all the fellowship at least 3 times a week but many of us do them nearly every day. We like to chat but don't like drama.

If this sounds like your sort of fellowship then come over and join us. We don't care if you've just started chapter one or have completed chapter 15 or are anywhere in between.