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Dr. Freakenspleen


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

As a man of science, Dr. Freakenspleen has spent almost all of his life researching his beautiful creation - "The Creature". What Necromancers never could achieve, he would succeed at: Not only bringing the dead back to life, no! He would CREATE LIFE from nothing, just using his science and art. Flick the switch and electrify the coils to bring the pale creature to existence!

This year's Halloween Event will run on Beta from today until October 23rd. Use this time to carry out Dr. Freakenspleen's tasks and help him bring his creation to life. If you succeed, he will so pleased that he will stay in your town for eternity!

4x4 Culture and Population

Whether Dr. Freakenspleen's eternal stay is something to look forward to, surely is debatable ;). However, his grotesque castle comes with plenty of Culture and Population for your city, so you should not miss it.

We wish you freaky fun with the Questline Event are looking forward to hearing your feedback in our Feedback Thread! Happy Halloween!

Ghastly Greetings,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.