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User Interface Display AW levels in AW overview

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I've had a situation where some randomly generous player donated 100+ KP to my lighthouse filling the bar and I had no idea.
I've always thought that if there could be a bouncing...something...star? rune-wheel?...on top of a Wonder ready for upgrade, like there is over manufactories when production is complete, it would draw attention to the fact that some generous person filled it up when you weren't looking and it wouldn't have to sit there for days waiting to be noticed.. :p


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First post is updated both in graphics and description. @SoggyShorts I changed the rune overview graphic, I liked your idea but felt it could present consitently with the current format which will also stay relevant when the limit of 10 is removed.

I added in the alteration of the use of the green tick as suggested by @SoggyShorts


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I prefer "broken shard" can be store and add to the inventory or alternative ( like goods, supplies, coins )

whenever there is a broken shard, it goes to inventory

"Broken shard" under "Rune shard" become
a "Button"
"assembe new Rune <Rune that can fit into the ring > using 10 piece of broken shard in the inventory"

"Button" only lit when you have 10 or more broken shard in the inventory

In that case, we do not need to worry
(a) "broken shard" overflow
(b) amount of "broken shard"
(c) getting more than 10 "broken shard" but all your ancient ring of all ancient wonder are either full or not-available


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A poll has now been added to this idea, happy voting!
Awesome, I was just thinking about this idea again yesterday. I'm at the end of the tech tree so I was considering what to do with my next ~2,000 KP, and this new interface would have made checking wonder levels much easier.