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[Discussion] Release Notes version 1.15


Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the update to version 1.15.

For feedback specifically about the Battle Redesign, please use the other discussion thread, which can be found here.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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I wanted to go to the forum to read the release notes and kept getting the support tickets. Lol. Finally I decided to use a link I had saved somewhere. I went to the forum and found out there is a new button, which I didn't see at all! Kinda funny.

Now I have found that button and I have to say I like it that I can go to the forum or to the wiki that way.

The troops are reduced, you have warned us for that and the training sizes and all changed. Ok. But what I didn't expect is that 3 armories aren't enough to keep the training going all day or all night. Right now that bothers me a bit. I have no opinion yet about the all the changes, so that's it for now.


I am hoping that balancing the armories will be done shortly, so they give us the same "training time" they did previously. I haven't tried the fights yet as I know I will have no chances in the normal map, lets see what happens tomorrow, if they made the tournaments fights that much harder as well or not... If you can't do them on auto fight anymore then I'm done, I don't have time to fight 8h a day on tournaments, and that is the only viable way to earn runes to build/upgrade wonders.
they had a great oportunity here to make the game more balanced and give everyone a shot at fighting, it looks like instead they just made it mandatory to negotiate everything.
oh wait, lots of ppl can't negotiate because they haven't reached the orcs yet! I guess they are trying to kill the game, good job on that!


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if they made the tournaments fights that much harder as well or not... If you can't do them on auto fight anymore then I'm done, I don't have time to fight 8h a day on tournaments, and that is the only viable way to earn runes to build/upgrade wonders.
That is what I'm afraid of.
Without runes from Tournaments AW's will be out of reach without diamonds for a very, very, VERY long time and it's not like it's easy now...

PS. I like that there is no window with a reward after completing a quest. One click less. :)


Well, with this update I’ve come to a screeching halt. I was fighting in a province just before the update, and won the battle with minimal losses. Just returned and thought I could finish the province (2 fights left), but guess what… I was exterminated at the beginning of round 2 :mad::mad::mad:
This is no fun anymore :(:(:(
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A few things changed with troops. Some have new enemies they can face better, others have lost some power against a few foes they fought before pretty easily. So the best first thing to do now is to check what all your troops have as stats now and who they are good and bad against. For many it may mean they have to change their way of fighting but that's just the way it is.


@Katzenprinz I understand that, but I'm only in chapter 2, I have the choice between Sword Dancers and Archers. Also my squids are reduced to 24, instead of 36 before the update. There is nothing left for me to do now than research the next mandatory Squad Size upgrade, so waiting for knowledge points, 1 point per hour.

I shudder to think what kind of effect this will have on my Dutch Orc city :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:


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I thought it would be more balanced, but with this change i can queue only a few hours of training and not get through the night anymore with full training. Also i exterminated my armies on provinces on the map i previously won but now suddenly my entire army gets wiped out at. I dont know what you understand or wanted to reach with this 'rebalance', but it killed fighting for me.


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nice graphics are a good thing, but consistency would not hurt:
when I play FoE, if I start a training cycle in some barracks, after a while I get a complete unit, not 0.8 unit;

in Elvenar, when I start a training cycle, I do not know what will come out of it unless I loose much time calculating my exact needs and the exact outcome from the barracks;
If I need 5 squads of golems and only have 4 in stock, then I need to train 1 full battlefield squad at once; If one position in the queue only gets me to 4.8 squads, I still do not have that 5th squad I need;
the entire "training squad" system with armouries is counter-intuitive, inefficient, and frustrating;
I spent months building and upgrading armouries, depriving myself from manufactories that could have been helpful, to finally achieve the objective of 1 position in the training queue -> 1 full battlefield squad;

you guys just pulled the rug from under my feet
I am disappointed and I sincerely hate you


Also, the wonder needles became a lot worse, because who will want to train troops faster if we can't even have a queue that stays busy long enough to cover the night?
No point in training faster if it just means that the barracks will be idle for half the night.


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Maybe the battle balancing change will be solved by the adding of the fairy and orcs and gobelins units... but when will they arrive?


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I'm totally unhappy with this change,
all my troops in the barracks before this upgrade, now counted to "nothing" because they are not taken into acount. That mean 1000 Troops before are now devide by the mulpier of the new production factor. I loose all advantage of the troops builded before. :mad:

For. example: My squards in the barracks were about 100 now it drops to about 30, a bad loose.

That mean I loose 70% of my troops for nothing:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Millions of coins senseless invested also ten thousands of supplies

Cruel and not fine

Time to quit this game


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This was told weeks ago brummbear and they advised to use your troops to the max when they still retained there value.


I don't know how to begin to give feedback on this fighting system. We don't have an ability to fight because we don't have any troops to test anything. I can't make troops because the armories are all out of whack. I can't begin to learn the new system because I have no way to try a few battles. I attempted one battle and on the first shot an entire squad was dead. So, that's stupid. I don't know what to tell you. Fighting is broken right now. Not possible.


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First, the place and time intensive orcs, now the order to destroy the army, built up in month for nothing. I have more than 600 relics of all kind so I do not need more (fighting in tournaments).

I need one months to receive a new province expansion and it will take months to reach the end of this chapter.

I'm not willing to destroy my city for the orcs to go faster by building more orc buildings

Enough is enough.

Enjoy the game.

Greetings Brummbaer

Bye, bye


The best fighters in our fellowship just gave us all advice....don't bother trying to fight right now. They can't win. That means for the mid fighters like me I don't have much chance except to deplete all my troops. And for the novice fighters, it is impossible.

I guess we wait until some new update. Fighting is broken now.

How about unrolling it quickly before we lose all our beta testers? Remember how bad it was that time they tried to nerf the quests....so many people quit. And you can't just replace them with new people. It takes years to get advanced cities, so when those top people quit, the game because wildly imbalanced. Please don't let that happen again! That really messed things up. We haven't gotten our feet back yet. Beta is the weakest of all the servers. We have the fewest players here. And all our feedback is what they base the game changes on. If we don't have the proper testers here of all levels, then you can't send a good game to the live servers.

Fighting is completely broken now. Something has to be done quickly.
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