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[Discussion] Release Notes version 1.11


Just another brick in the wall.
Elvenar is definitely not a game for people who want to make their own decisions.

Magic Academy is already mandatory aswell as it is now the research of all Wonders.
I predicted this a few months ago on the German Server.

Pretty soon building wonders will be mandatory aswell. Next steps will be: abolishing of negotiating encounters (which in fact is widely impossible for advanced players due to the introduction of orcs plus ridiculous sums of ressources - especially in tournaments).

Things we won't see in the near future:
solution of the neighbourhood problem (although there are plenty of good proposals for it), features which will make interactivity amongst players absolute necessary, tournaments and quests for fellowships, game devellopers who play their own game ...

Never mind and keep enjoying the game

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you said it @ Lord Jirre
Bang on Allan Simonsen
Open my browser today adn all ORc tree cloaked till i researched Ancient wonders i never plan to build, I might gives this 1 more Guest race updates after Orcs is done to see if i continue to play this game


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Inno forced us again to get something noone wants!
good work spoiling your game!
Getting runes is already the hardest part, now we get flooded by runes of these useless buildings, great job!
Is there someone still chasing runes shards?????


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REBALANCING: when someone does something that spoils the game, makes no sence and no one likes it. :)

Seriously, this game is fun but lacks choices. You just sit and watch the city grow.

If I could ask for something: I'd like to make some hard decisions. Permanent or long-term. (Be a tactician or trader. Not both. Build a orc-style city or a fairy-style city, not one after another. Research this OR that. Have this wonder OR that wonder.) I want to be able to make mistake. I would like to rebuild part or whole city if needed, not just upgrade.


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What difference does that make? Whatever wonder someone doesn't want to build is useless to them.
Meanwhile I met a lot of people who said "useless" without having a closer look at it (some of them said "useless" without knowing their benefits at all...). After explaning/calculating the benefit they had a different look at the wonders (some of the wonders, of course not all).


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Take into consideration that wonders are worth the space when they have reached the mid levels. That means hundreds of KP, and if they are built close to when they are introduced, it means leveling up the wonder or progressing through the tech tree. The only time ( at least in my opinion ) that wonders are worth the investment is when waiting for a guest race, or someplace to put KP into when stalled by the production of goods for visiting races, also later in the tech tree.
At that point many of the new wonders are just not of any practical use. Tome of secrets gives supplies when scouting when it takes days, and a tiny amount of KP. Golden abyss to provide coins and population, which is called a residence. It saves space in the long run, but hundreds of KP for a few squares of space it not a decent exchange. Endless excavation gives token amount of supplies daily and some extra relics, when tournaments give extra relics. Needle of tempest may be useful for humans, where crossbows are useful sometimes, archers are not used when golems or sorcs are better options. Later ones are of more use, Thrones, if you are obsessed with score. The Bulwark is wait and see. There is supposed to be an improvement, to make up for the fact that we need high level armories, so that aspect of the bulwark has been marginalized. Does this improvement come before or after the merc units offered in the fairy tree?
In the long run it means extra possibilities to break runes, though it will be a while before enough are accumulated, at least it means it is more likely that I won't get runes for a wonder I have completed the third rune circle for. I used to stay up late at the end of the tournament if it meant I could get another rune or two, but stopped doing that because I seem to always get more Mountain Hall runes, the only one that is of no possible use at all. I know the logic is twisted, like when it was discovered that the last car of a train was the most dangerous, designers looked for a way to remove the last car, but all the same, just better to just sleep on time.


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abyss gives more population then all your residences upgraded from 19 to 21 and its only 3x3, its much better to invest in this building then upgrading all residences

Lord Jirre

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Abyss is indeed pretty great. It's a residence on steroids.
Thing is, you can't decide to upgrade Abyss instead of residences, since Abyss needs KP, which, right now, is needed in your research tree. It's easier to upgrade your residences instead. If you're stuck at the end of research however... then Abyss becomes a very interesting wonder to build.


  • Premium city expansions are no longer tied to your Main Hall level - the maximum number of this type you can have in your city is 33

Consider this in conjunction with all the new early release Wonders- and what do you see? Early players being tempted by the new Wonders and buying expansions to place them. They won't be able to upgrade them...their cities will progress very slowly...they will still get bored and quit, but at least they'll have paid more up front.


Question about Mushroom Farm and Rally point.
When i upgrade a Mushroom Farm its production rise. Ok like before with Dwarves and Fairys. But why not by the Rally Point there the production time decrease??

Why i need Mushrooms production that need between 1 or 2 days! to produce the shrooms for a 10 h production and now this production time is shorten?? Shall the Rally point stand there and produce only now and then?

P.S.: What ist that thing there in the Rally Point that the Orcs keep feeding? Mud Elementar?


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i think reason for rally point is that with decreasing time you in fact dont need them as many as shroom farms, with higher level on portal and farms you will get more resources which can be depleted sooner with shorter times, i think its good solution and even more from strategic point of view, people now need to think what to upgrade first...


The perfect combination is 21 Shroomfarms and 3 Rally Points and therefore i will definitly not have the space.
1. As allways the Portal 2. The Shroomfarms and 3. the Rally points never because i will always run short on the needed shrooms
An farster Grown of Shrooms with a better farm would be logic and a benefit for the player a faster production in the Rally point would mean you would need even more Shroomfarms so why? And a new strategy sry its the same like all races before portal and first production as soon as possible and than the goods for the reasearch.


such a wonderful work on fairy race, and now we are presented with rubbish. Rally points are useless. Basically nothing can be produced in them. I am splitting the mushroom farms to try and produce for rally points and for the up-grade of the portal. I cannot even up-grade to level 2 at the mo due to ridiculous production times. And I am not even thinking of research, because I know I am now going to be stuck for months. If I cannot even up-grade the portal or farms, how do you think I am going to produce for the research? I guess they did it, so we don't complain, like, oh, we have finished all, when is the next race? Now it will take months and months to get anywhere. I am not sure if this is a good thing...