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[Discussion] Release Notes version 0.12


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step by step, thx , for new update.
looks like trading and guild system a nd some sort of pvp is far faaaar away in plans ,
cant wait to see more..
patiently waiting :)


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A lot of bugs fix, thanks for the hard work.

The skin of Orange Berries tree has changed.
I love it ! :D

But the reversed move in research tree is kind of disturbing.
I probably need some time to accustom myself to it


Well Except for the top bonus reducing from 200% to 170% I don't find any difference at all as far as the Cultures are concerned.... I was getting 200% bonus without any help before this ..... Now i m having excess bonus because of 170% bonus limit but at the cost of major reduction in Coins and production output.... Please if someone can explain what's the supposed improvement for Cultures with this update I can also feel happy about it ...otherwise I am really pissed off for the reduction in the top bonus ... Just like most of the players wanted me to, I waited till the new update was applied and Now i think its valid I show my discontentment on this so called improvement update.
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I'm with ddevil; what exactly has changed with culture?

  • Quest progress can now be checked by hovering the portrait of the Quest Giver - Awesome
  • Humans can no longer get Elven Quests and vice versa - Not true, I cycled through recurring quests several times and I still get "produce 3 giant globes" for both races
  • also noticed that for certain recurring quests , rewards have been upgraded to better suit my level, nice


The research menu doesn't work for me in Google Chrome but it works for me in IE...


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Humans can no longer get Elven Quests and vice versa - Not true, I cycled through recurring quests several times and I still get "produce 3 giant globes" for both races
Please let us know any details in this thread:

what exploit?
See this thread:

Research Menu

Nothing, what the problem ?
See this thread:

You can get around this bug by resizing your browser window. The issue is known and the developers are aware of it, we can only hope it will be fixed sometime soon. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.


Thanks a lot for fixing the exploit!

But why did the buttons for selling and moving get that big?
Compared to the rest of the design the dollar sign looks a bit "inharmonic" and there is still plenty of space left and right of the menu :)

And by speaking of harmony.. you could get rid of the dark clouds icon for the 150% culture bonus. I can see lightning and hear thunder everytime my culture bonus falls down to that point ^^
Who would want dark clouds above his city anyway? Cant you make it sunny overall and add rainbows or sparks or whatever for the higher bonus that is supposed to be got by neighbourly help?

Your way of solving the culture/building issues by reducing the bonus max seems bit unelegant because the reason was not a too high output of gold and supplies but just a misunderstanding on how the bonus was meant to work.
Or did I miss that gold and supply output was never meant to be that high with the max bonus?

Nevertheless, I would very much welcome a "friendlier" design instead of the dark clouds. Without being short on gold and supplies it simply looks like doing something wrong and being punished if your not above 150%.


Nice update! Thanx for all of the effort.

I like the updated look of "Gift of the Garden Fairy" but I think the build menu needs to be updated as well.


Buttons in the menu at the bottom of the game have been made slightly larger
I liked the small buttons, now they are to big. Why not put those buttons in the bottom bar instead on top of that bar ?
Compared to the icons in the top bar the bottom ones are a lot bigger.


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I don't know if you didn't put the change in the changelog, but research menu is now weird. I can get used to changed direction (when you move your mouse up the research menu goes up), but why one side is up-up down-down and the other is left-right and right-left? It's so misleading and annoying.

Or is it a bug?


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well here's another dumb issue, when I try to click on this link, I get kicked out of the forum and I can't login back, when I try system gives me an error saying wrong password.
Funny thing is, my nickname is still being listed as online on forum homepage.
I manage to get back without any problems after about 30 minutes, but then I noticed that I get kicked out when I click on any link to bug report section (getting there manually causes no problems).
Ticket already submitted.


Really a biiiiiiiggg thx for fix the exploit, and off course all the other fix :).