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[Discussion] Release Notes 1.10 & Orcs and Goblins have been spotted in Elvenar!


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Well that is indeed one way to make an already demotivational "chapter" even more drudgelike than necessary: The code hadn't been completed to make this change when it made sense, so make it when it doesn't make sense instead - right!

So when can we expect the offer of superattractive deals on KP packages?


Elvenar Team
side note : yes, I know that "several" litterally means "more than one", but when I hear "several months", I tend to understand something higher than 3 because if it was 2 or 3, it would be simpler to say 2 or 3 :)
Well, if you use your own definition of words then yes, you can make any point you want to make. "Several", to me, still means "more than one". ;)

The code hadn't been completed to make this change when it made sense, so make it when it doesn't make sense instead - right!
Could you explain what you mean, please?


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Could you explain what you mean, please?
Sure. A few posts ago you said it wasn't possible to make the switch earlier, to require us to research the old technologies at a time when we had little else to do with out KPs. I understood that as meaning the code wasn't yet ready. So it's been introduced now, even though it makes no sense to introduce it now, when Inno presumably wants us to be happy and excited about the new "chapter" in the tech tree.

So I'm done being happy and excited, and am just trudging on.
When can we expect the offer of attractively priced KP packages?


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Mink, you have researched everything important (shrooms, rallye point and armories). And you have build a not so little amount of them - but believe me or not, even without the requirement of researching the wonders you would soon have reached the point where you have "little else to do with your KPs" because you can't produce the orc/goblin goods fast enough.


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Thanks for investigating my progress, Lissona, but you're missing my point.
My point is that introducing this requirement at this moment feels punitive.
It was hard enough to be excited over the deliberately unattractive buildings
and very high production demands in this "chapter", but I was doing my best
to maintain some enthusiasm. But it's impossible to be enthusiastic (or even pleased)
about being forced to fulfill this new requirement at this unnecessarily bad moment,
and that's completely destroyed my motivation.

Now, when can we expect the offer of attractively priced KP packages?
I've asked courteously three times.


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It's such a shame that the premium building "grab rap shroom" is so amateurly created considering it costs so many diamonds. I was expecting a high quality building as we usually get...but was disappointed to find this really drab graphic..:(
Like the awful Crystal Lighthouse...I'm guessing the same guy created it.
These awful graphics that let the rest down need to be sorted as we expect a much higher content if we have to spend real money on them.


At what point would you find it "reasonable" or "acceptable" that we make new technologies part of the core technology tree?
How about never?

This game is more and more for the mindless who only do what someone has decided must be done. It is too bad. It COULD be a very interesting game. Every move is forcing people to play only one tiny way. Build some wonder you don't want. Research provinces you didn't choose to. Don't research too many though! Research drones and other things that you can't have yet. Build this, tear this down.

If you "cleverly" try to enjoy this game as someone put it earlier, then you get your hand slapped.



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I have just looked on the wiki for my factories of gemme.
At present I have 4 level factories 15 which allow me to produce according to the wiki 4*571=2284/day.
To run these factories I need of:
4*1708=6832 population
4*509=2036 culture
4*22 = 88 squares

Let us imagine that I remove a factory, I have thus 3 there that I am going to put in the level 19 what will allow me a production of 3*775=2325 / day what will give me a production equivalent me to have before.

To run these 3 factories I shall need of:
-3*3328 = 9984 population
-3*886 = 2658 culture
-3*22 = 66 squares

In conclusion I shall keep the same production, I am going to gain 22 available squares ( 20 for the building and 2 for the road) on the other hand I am going to have to use 9984-6832=3152 population additional and 2658-2036=622 additional culture.
I am going to get back 1708 inhabitants and 509 culture of my destroyed building, finelly I will miss him thus 1444 inhabitants and 113 culture.

I am thus going to have to put 2 residences in more to have my missing inhabitants 2*850=1700 inhabitants.
These residences are going to take me 12 squares each + 3 squares for the road thus 27 squares And 764 additional culture.

I am going to keep the same production but I am going to lose 5 squares and 764 culture.
I thus wanted to know what is the interest for me to cross(spend) my factories at the level 19?


what is the interest for me to cross(spend) my factories at the level 19?
I can't find any good reason either. Of course, score increases if we upgrade, since the point density/grid is higher....

...but the drawback is that the increase in culture required means that it's harder to reach the minimum 125% required before the MA culture Spells are effective.

Given that these new buildings are so much less attractive, I'm actually considering blowing off the rank score question and keeping my attractive Dust manufactories.


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That has been the case with every factory. What has me wondering is why delaying us through the tech tree is treated like it is a success ( I saw the facebook thing. ) I imagine that the orc chapter will end in new wonders. Downtime between the chapters has been a time to focus on wonders, new and existing ones. I have seen all matter of complaints, some I even agree with, some in hindsight turned out to not be such a big deal. I have not once seen anyone upset that we are completing the chapters too fast. Did I miss something?


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so ive been trying orcs for a few days now where does it show how many i've got so far?


Has anyone read all the comments on facebook since they made the orcs mandatory?

I wish you folks would listen to us on beta. The only reason anyone gives you the feedback we do is to make sure things like this don't happen.
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so ive been trying orcs for a few days now where does it show how many i've got so far?
The only way so far is to go somewhere where Orcs are needed and hoover the mouse over the orc symbol. You have that in workshops or map provinces.


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ah TY Katz found them i have 1140 trained , thought they were going nowhere when trained, but now i see them they should add the qty of them in barricks right?


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Uhm may I ask why I suddenly have to research the latest added Wonders first before I can continue researching the rest in the research tree? o_O

Is it mandatory now? o_O

Why is there no information out yet? o_O
I agree. And I see no reason to make the research of the latest added Wonders mandatory. It should be voluntary.
I have no objections to more Wonders, but obviously there are some, that some of us are not interested in building.
ever. As to not having anything to put our KP on, that is laughable as there are hundreds of people with Wonders
we are interested in, that we can contribute to for more of those runes.