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[Discussion] Diamonds for Bug Reports!


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That's really nice!
Now I might get an expansion for bug reporting in the future :)
I think an ingame announcement would be good to let everyone know and maybe encourage more players to register and participate in the forums too. :)


Brilliant move!! I have seen more bug reports lately and I think this is a great incentive and will help flesh out all the bugs around here making Elvenar even better!! Well done team!!!!


Elvenar Team
As soon as a confirmed bug has been moved to the Confirmed Issues section, the Diamonds have been credited (they are credited before they're moved into the Confirmed section). If you have a question about a certain bug report, please send me a PM with the link and I'll have a look. :)


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Does diamond only give to the 1st who report the bug ?

if the 1st who report the bug but do not clearly shown "what is happening"

will diamond also given to next reporter who describe the bug clearly ??


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If a bug is marked valid (= can be confirmed, has been forwarded and is not a duplicate of an already existing thread): you will be rewarded with 75 Diamonds
  • If the bug report follows the bug report template: you will be rewarded with 50 extra Diamonds
I doubt if 2nd place gets anything


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Noted that
Bug has been reported but it cannot be re-produced

Following the information supply the another player ( 2nd place )
Bug cannot re-produced and confirmed
but the credit go to 1st one with 2nd one get nothing

We are always ask to describe the things clearly
we know it has a problem ( may be a bug )
Some will take time and several attemps to identify "what goes wrong"
At that time, some 1 already report it with insufficient information

does game developer
want to know ..there is a problem or bug with insufficient information or

want to know.. the problem and how and when does it occur <-- this will take time as player need time to check

My suggestion
1. credit to the 1st one who report it
2. be fair, also credit some to the latest 1 who provide additional information to help to describe the problem and re-produce it < of course, if the 1st report already able to re-produce it, there is no need to award the latest reporter >


Elvenar Team
We do have the option to reward Diamonds to someone who made a previously unreproducible bug reproducible, but it is determined on a case-by-case basis, and it can't be offered on every bug (at least not at this point). Once an extra reward is made available, we will let you know in the topic the bug was reported in.

We're also continuously evaluating the reward process (it's new for us too, after all), so there may be some changes in the future. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, to make it clear to everyone how the system works. We do have to realise that Beta attracts players from literally every language version that Elvenar has to offer, and that not everyone may understand English perfectly. At this point we do like the results this reward system is giving us: a lot of people have taken up bug reporting, which helps us to improve Elvenar even more. But, if there are ways (that are also manageable for us) to improve the system further, we're of course open for that. We will certainly take your suggestions into consideration. This does not guarantee changes to the system, though - can't make promises there right now. :)


does it mean we get diamonds for bugs now? cause its not clear from the first post. but secondly i'd like to say that i am a big fan of muf=muf. thinkg he is quite dishy of you ask me LOl :) totally luve muf-muf.....


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I don't think it happens all the time. I reported a quest bug recently and it was confirmed but no diamonds were given out. Perhaps because there were so many quest bugs being reported at the time. ;)


Bug report: Bugs everywhere and all the time. = zillion diamonds, please.

List of serious bugs tho:
Start fixing old bugs before creating new bugs!
Start listening to your players/consumers.
Stop forcing us to do something that we don't want and is completely useless to us. We shouldn't be punished for your mistakes for not using a calculator!

I guess you do not enough ideas how to make the game "smooth."
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Elvenar Team
There are a few delays with handing out the Diamonds, that is true, yes. We apologize for that and we're working on improving there (it's also partly because of that that we're looking to expand our team). Diamonds will be credited for valid bug reports, even if it may be with a delay. No worries there - you will get what you should get. :)