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[Discussion] Changes in declining quests


Here is a thought....how about making the game more fun instead of less fun?

Instead of taking things away, how about tweaking them? Adding to them? Making things better?

I mean, seriously, are you all kidding? You really just want to make players as angry as possible? You have been tweaking this game all year to find a game you can sell and suddenly you want to set off a hand grenade? Are you aware that after this last upgrade the game has had so many bugs half the players are frustrated as it is? No one is pleased that you bring over updates to beta....find bugs...and then dump these bugs on the live servers. Paying people don't like to pay for bugs. Surprise! And now this?

I just don't understand how a business can expect to go forward not supplying an interesting product.

Ite missa est.
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I couldn't agree more, Philplessis! Absolutely right what you're saying.

I got tired of too many boring quests. Most of the time I ignore them so it really doesn't matter to me if Inno Games prevents us from skipping them. Do I need more coins? NO. Do I need more supplies? NO. All my buildings are on level 15.

Players who have just started or still need to do research will have problems with this new feature since it makes it difficult to develop their cities according to their own plans.

--->Bring on new content instead! Make this a game with quality!

Elvenar is a game I'm about to skip :p
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Lisandella, the change is not discussed with the players, it is imposed to the players. And I agree, this is a major change, maybe something meant to kill the game.
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I can see myself getting stuck on quite a few Quests.... my City is build up to the max so the upgrades, gain culture, gain People, etc will require me to tear down and build up... hope you have considered that in your attempt to "balance" the game....


I notice that there is no positive feedback on this very, very bad idea.
I'm very pleased that the developers have finally chopped off the declinable quest cycle that was more of an exploit than it was anything that was related to city building.

I'd even go further, and limit the number of times that you'll see a declinable quest to perhaps a half dozen cycles.


I always hated the repeatables. Good thing you want to change the mechanics.

Bad thing is the "hows". One declinable quest a day? You can drop declining quests instead, it don't matters.

Make the quests smarter, rewards less... rewarding? Collecting 5k supply and getting 100k coins? Collecting 100k (edit: 150k, of course...) coins and get 10k supplies? You really are surprised your customers "abuse" that system?

Problem is the balancing of the game! Having 60 squares of every goods-tier and keeping your barracks busy needs that much supplies (coins don't matter, you always have enough) that i am having problems with 12 level 15 workshops. I am building workshop no. 13 and 14 atm. Change supply production or supply demand, be innovative with quests, let us decline missions as many as we want a day!



Sorry, but I have 4 accounts on 4 servers, been playing for awhile, and have never declined a quest. It is a challenge for me to fulfill it, which gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. As a byproduct of completing the hard quests, my city comes out stronger. I do not think I will ever decline a quest.


I done all the quests and only found out about the repeatable ones after I finished the research tree... irony isn't it? Now I will get stuck on them or have to destroy parts of my city...
Doing the provinces at the moment and hitting more of the $6200K ones, which I can not reach due to the limitations of the Town Hall... thankfully I took up knitting again, so I might get busy there for a few days till I can fulfil a quest and run out of provinces.


Why do I get that feeling that Inno is not all that interested
in this game? Another one for the Rubbishtip?
Think all those "Quests" are not really quests, now are they!!
Aahh well, back to FoE, not much going on there as well....:rolleyes:


This is really stupid and shows none consideration to the players, instead of using our feedback they just come with a totaly useless upgrade.
The only quest a little interesting for me are conquer 4 relics or complete a province. Residences , manufactory, hapiness is all at max.
Certainly not waiting for build altar of forefathers or gain 100 people, as it looks now i may be able to do 1 quest in 2 weeks if i only can decline 1 a day.


Well, I don't really see this as a problem for me, since I don't decline a whole lot of quests. I mostly will decline one if it wants me to upgrade a building that I don't even have up -- like, just today I had one asking me to upgrade a silk manufacturer to some level (can't remember what level), but I don't have a silk boost in that city and don't have a silk manufacturer, so I declined it.

I suspect most of the unhappy people are the ones who have managed to find some way to game the system by skipping quests until they get to something they have already accomplished -- or, they are using these "repeatable quests" that I see mentioned in lots of posts, but I don't know what they are so I can't really say if they are a kind of cheat or not.

I still enjoy this game, and I will enjoy it with or without this change, since as I said I don't skip that many quests. My bigger problem has been with gaining expansions, especially in the beginning stages of the game when I don't have enough manufacturing of any kind going to buy relics and sectors, and don't have any useful armies to send in to win those sectors. But I'm beyond that point now, and I've figured out how to keep my city humming along.


Khabita....when you start having level 15 factories, you will discover that they are incredibly expensive to operate. Just to get a 3 hour production going I need 52,000 coins and 5250 supplies...and that is on ONE factory. Without repeating quests that give you a bonus for making that production, a fraction of the factories can operate.

So you say...just build more workshops and houses......but what if you are out of room? You can't. You need population for the workshops and you need many houses to produce that population and you need space for all of it.

What are your options then? Not produce any goods. Or tear down factories. Tearing down factories won't happen because that is where all the points are. Players at the top are not likely to do that. Then that means, the top players will stay there forever because they have all the points. The new way they are expecting your city to look will not have many factories. That means all those cities will have a lot fewer points.

Then of course, there is the fact that the top players have scouted far out....I am not that even far and it takes 24 hours to scout one province. It takes 8 provinces to get one expansion. It costs 3500 tier 3 goods to negotiate one of the fights in that province. But now...well...how do I make all those goods if I hardly have any factories left? So...then what? Twiddle your thumbs? Oh...and lets not forget the cost of scouting those provinces....3300000. How long will I have to wait to collect all those coins...oh...but now I need my coins to make the goods...so I don't have the coins....

Are you starting to see some of the issues?

This affects everything.


Unless there is an addition to the tech tree planned for release soon, you guys run the risk of losing testers. After all, you have given us NOTHING for doing this testing for you. In Forge of Empires, they heap diamonds on us on the beta server, as a thank you for testing for them. If you want to drive us away, you're doing the right thing.

This game is pretty darned boring as it exists. So, I hope you do something to enhance it soon.


How about increasing the allotted space for our cities and maybe add great buildings, like we have in FOE, to do things like increase the power of our warriors.

Seriously developers, if you go down this path that you are planning, the quests need to be changed. Think about those quests that require upgrading a building and there are several of these in a row. Now consider that a good number of us have maxed out our building levels and the space that you have allotted for our cities. So, even if we wanted to, we wouldn't be able to do these quests. From what you say, we will be stuck in those quests for days; just waiting until we can press the button in 24 hours to move past just one of them. And then pops up the next one that we cannot do. See the problem?
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