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[Discussion] Changes in declining quests


Hmm, you said it would be a going back and forth from a limitation to none and back. But as much as I can see, nobody wants a limitation at all. So why are you still considering it? I'd say the players on the Beta would rather like to see more different and difficult quests instead of any limitation to declining or not declining quests.


Thank you Muf-Muf for answering.

Your intentions seem good, but I'm disappointed on two points :
1. Your response concerning the status of the quests on the beta does not satisfy me; you explain
Going back and forth from limit to no limit all the time only causes confusion for many players,
I did not read anything from anyone who would be confused. And how could it happen, since you didn't go back. I'm not stupid, I understand you are not willing to do it, I would appreciate you defend your position without inventing bad reasons ! Players' supposed confusion is not a serious and real reason.

2. Next steps are vague.
these will take some time to fully develop and implement
How much time ?
That said, we do hope to have them done soon
So do we ! But what is the meaning of soon ? Days ? Weeks ?


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I fully agree with Corseforever. It's fine to hear that all our replies are mentioned.
BUT - Why can't we play the game like before - we are still waiting to go forward. The limitation is a the wrong way - please take it back. It is not helpful for you and especially for us testers. And there is NO REASON to do so.

I'm still looking forward and hope for a helpful solution for both sides.


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Dear Elvenars - me again.

I worked out an idea whitch can solve nearly ALL problems appeared with 0.24.
Taken into account the situation of low-level-players, mid-level-players and high-level-players.

First enable the decline button

We like to chose what kind of side-quest we like to perform.

We like to skip quests we cannot solve (e.g. Lvl 15 situation) or are worse (e.g. 24 hour quests etc.)

It's clear that the sidequests are not the goal to use as main income source.
Solution: Limit easier quests to x-times a day

I think, with this way everybody can live until the game continues. You keep us alive and do not destroy the motivation of us players.

Looking forward and waiting for your comments.

Regards Brummbaer
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we need (and want!) all feedback that we can get. Even if you repeat something that has already been mentioned, that is valuable information, because it tells us how many people are actually thinking about the same things. Whatever you do, please do not hold back on posting what you feel needs to be posted.

we can hear you ask "Why don't you disable it on Beta as well?" - well, that was a tough decision. We want to improve the system that we have now, and we have a few ideas that we think will go a long way already

Please keep this discussion thread alive and keep posting your thoughts!

From all that has been said, I don't have a clue what is going on. I don't assume you are insane. I assume you are rational. But none of this behavior is rational.

You ask for feedback on a new system.

We tell you we cannot even test the system because it broke the game so badly. We all have games that are frozen now. We tell you that we aren't testing anything now. We are twiddling our thumbs.

You then say we want to improve the game.

We tell you, we are happy to work for free and to give you the valuable and expensive information that we have gleaned from 9 months of hard work. But we have told you a thousand times over: This game is now broken. We cannot even PLAY it now. We have nothing to do.
IF and only IF you take away this limitation or change something can we play and continue to test things. BUT YOU HAVEN'T GIVEN US ANYTHING TO TEST.

We want to improve the system that we have now, and we have a few ideas that we think will go a long way already (we cannot share details yet at this point, but we hope to be able to do so very soon).

So improve the system you have just broken or go back to the old way until you do. That seems obvious enough.

If you have some new ideas as you say, then implement them and we will test them. We can tell you if you try something new with the quests if it works. But if you don't implement them ASAP you won't have any testers left. So this leads me to my initial thoughts...are you irrational or are you deaf? Why would a company with free workers do all they could not to have any of those workers? It doesn't make any sense. You keep coming in here and saying the same thing over and over. Something new is coming. You repeat the same words but nothing new ever comes. Or maybe this isn't a test about a video game at all and maybe this is some elaborate test to see how long idiots will sit in a room waiting for something to do?

We work hard because we like to provide feedback. But if you completely ignore everyone, well...WE aren't irrational and we don't want to be hoarse. So I will shout it: The game is now broken. The game is now broken. The game is now broken. The game is now broken. The game is now broken. Translate that into as many languages as you want until you find one that gets heard.

So, I ask you, as did Corse and all those who like Corse's comments, the one question that might keep some folks around:




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some sidequests are nearly impossible to do.
"have three armories at level 5 or higher."
I dont want to have 3 armories. Must I built them only to finish the Quests(and sell them after the Quest)?
"upgrate 3 residences". They are all upgrated. I can finish this Quest in nearly 2 weeks .I must first reserch better residences.


Well Muf-Muf again all beautiful words, but you never answered the question why you not asked first for our feedback before making the changes but only after you made a disaster.

Yeah lost about 50 places in ranking because i sold a manufactory and build a new one from level 1, maybe i don't have to wait a week now for a quest i can do, is that the intention that we downgrade our cities in order to play and give the same feedback over and over again?
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To your point number 2:
Counting "likes" might be a better plan. Do you really want to hear THE SAME feedback from ALL the active players? Or is this debate just something to keep us busy when there is nothing to do when you log in the game??? Are we now supposed to be here insted of there??? Just tell us to forget the game and start training our writing skills instead!
Sorry, I am getting fed up with boring game as well as boring, forever repeated and 12 pages long, FEEDBACK, which has already given about five clever solutions to the "decline button abuse". This, largely imaginary, "abuse" remains the only way to go on doing ANYTHING in the game. How many time does this need to be repeated??????
This forum is now dragging almost like the game itself.


"complete two scroll manufactury upgrates"-it is impossible to upgrate my manufactories.Perhaps next week...


Another problem that comes with the change are the neighbours...
Not even that i have to rearange my city with less manufactories and more workshops, because of the change (This goes for everyone not building autarchic, so it is not unfair, but unlucky for many players),
BUT now I can't even upgrade my workshops as I wish, because I would run out of coins to keep my scout busy... I looked at the world map zoomed out with chrome and it looks like only the middle is good filled with neighbours. I sit close to the northwest end of the populated area and waiting for new neighbours since almost 4 month (I only got around a hand full, but half of them is deleted again)...
So now without being able to do quests and almost 2/3 of my neighbourhood empty it starts to hurt, because I miss possible 1,2 million coins per day, that would come in handy upgrading workshops...
So why the hell are new neighbours placed around the center and are not even distributed in the populated area?!?
I'm waiting a long time for new neighbours now, but when they all get placed in the middle, 50% become inactive again and replaced again I think I can wait another 2 years, before new neighbours arive in my neighbourhood and that is really unfair....


When will we see changes to the current unplayable/untestable situation?
When will the senseless and non-doable repeating quests be eliminated?
When will the quest rewards be improved, updated and made more imaginative?
When will an appealing, interesting or at least recognizable "storyline" be introduced? (I was already at level 2 before I realized the lame undeclinable quests were supposed to constitute a "storyline")
When will we be given new content?
When will the active players/testers currently stranded in nearly empty areas of the map be moved closer together so that all of us have a viable number of active neighbours?
And before you say "hopefully soon" again, define what soon means! Because on most of these issues you've already outlasted my definition of soon by several weeks.


I found something even more perverse than expected (I wonder if the Dev. Team did it on purpose) in the quest decline process : Ladies and Gentleman, don't be shy, playyyyy the gaaaaame, you can decline 2 quests for the price of one !!! :p:D
How ? Very simple !
1. Finish your tech tree
2. Upgrade all your buidings up to level 15
When you have arrived to that point, you will have not one, but two declinable quests, and there happens the miracle
3. Decline one of the quests .... and .... YEEEESSSSS , the second one is also aborted !

What a fun !:D


Corseforever, welcome to the club. A lot of us writing here have been there already for weeks/months! :)


Even more joy of joys....I completed a quest and then both of my quests were greyed out.

Oh, did anyone notice, they also snuck in new tweak to make fighting more difficult.

But, I see our question wasn't answered. Maybe they didn't hear us.

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@Muf-Muf , all very well but if the defs have any plans for this game,
sure they would tell you!? Think this has been put in storage just like
other betas before! Just looking for an excuse to shut this one down!
Cant see anybody buying diamonds any more! Correct me if wrong!!!!!!!!!
Wonder whether all the good defs went to work with MS!!;)


We have rebalanced a number of units, and we would like to give you the exact information on these changes here:
  • Axe barbarian II: The attack bonus has been changed from Heavy Melee +40% (old) to Light Melee +20% (new)
  • Crossbowman II: The attack bonus has been changed from Light Melee +20% (old) to Heavy Melee +20% (new)
  • Paladin II: The attack bonus has been changed from Light Melee +90% (old) to Light Melee +80% (new)
  • Treants II: The defense bonus has been changed from Light Melee -90% (old) to Light Melee -80% (new)
That's what he's talking about. They added these during one of the updates or hotfixes but didn't tell us right away. Though, as an elf I can say that the changes are not that big of a problem. Dunno about the human side.
Thanks again for all your feedback! We have just announced what steps we will be taking and what will happen to the feature as it currently is on Beta. You can find the announcement here (click).


Thank you Muf-Muf, this goes now in the right direction, and I appreciate a lot.
You can count on me for further feedbacks when you will need them.