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[Discussion] Behind the Scenes: Battle Redesign


I wish we could do something that would allow players to be super creative. I am envisioning getting points for the stuff you have, but you don't have to display it all the time. Maybe you can have a limiter, and maybe you can't buy this until you have enough of those, so we kept the puzzle part of the game, but wouldn't it be glorious to see beautiful cities with huge gardens, or large industrial cities, or a peaceful country set up? We could have prettiest city contests and really play. We are given these amazing tools and artwork from the devs (orcs not withstanding) and it would be amazing to get to play with these tools like a lego set. People could buy backgrounds and skins to change the color of houses. Inno could sell rare items that are a one time only offer. We could all trade them. People could buy things and give them to their friends. We could have a market where we buy and sell stuff to each other. People could buy diamonds and give them away to friends too. We could swap and chat and have fun with each other focusing more on the social aspect of all of this.

I don't know the demographics of this game, but if my fellowship on the US server is any indication, there are a lot of retired folks around here. Our fellowship is about 80% retired. This could really be like a hobby, like gardening or doing jigsaws and crosswords.

I know many who squealed with glee when they saw a unicorn and that gorgeous blue tree from the contest. :) Imagine if we could buy purple dragons or silver gnomes or waterfalls or rainbows or have a goth motif. We could have so much fun!


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I bet those "many" were all female players. I don't really think any male player would really squeal about seeing a unicorn in this game. :D

However, as much as I like the idea of having individual cities with individual looks, this sure means alot of work for the graphics design ppl. And I'm not really sure Inno really wants it to have their artworkers being occupied so much with something like this while they can't work on other, more important for the game development parts of the game.


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I dont know if it is intended or a bug but in notes it says that AW are similar what it was before while in game now needles of the tempest gives multiplicative bonus rather then additive what was before, making this building mandatory for all fighters
where from 31 it makes 37 (3100% to 3700%) for level1


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Wow. First fight after the upgrade, in a ring 11 province. My squads (size 981!) are now facing 1800+ enemy squads, and it looks like every enemy province has 4-8 squads now (didn't see any 2 or 3 squad opponents). I got wiped out (using 3 squads of Paladin IIIs and 2 of Priest IIIs), in a fight which I would have been happy to run on Auto-fight before the change (and accept 1-1.5 squads of Paladins lost ... ).

... and of course I still can't build anything in my Mercenary Camp :)


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I thought the armories would be adjusted to be close to what was before, not significantly reduced. Before I could have my barracks occupied for over 12 hours, now less than six.
Every unit has a special ability. Even province units. Combat worked because in essence, it was simple. Not any more. The stats seem to show very little flexibility in how units are used.
Sorry, but at first glance, I can't see anything that looks like an improvement. It certainly does not seem that the battle system has been made simpler.
Really, in hindsight, it might have been a better idea to just make the mercenary units work. Though, in that regard, I can see the stats for the blossom mage. Why would anyone want to use a unit that has a weaker attack, defense and range than the sorceress? I am guessing the drone rider will have added defense/attacks against light ranged and mages. So will the cerberus. What is the point of multiple units with the same benefits? So we can have more buildings? To go with the extra armories that we will have to build? Are we going to need that many orcs in the future?
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I really hope the armories will be adjusted, because as it is its crazy! are we supposed to have a dozen armories in out cities??
We were told our capacity to produce units would stay relatively the same, but if we have to build the double of amount of armories to keep the barracks queue the same, this isn't true!


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There is all the same a positive point, before I needed 3H30 to make a squad of golem and maintaining only 1h50 .:)
But actually it is going to need that I put back 2 armories in more to continue to produce 24/24.


Well, with this update I’ve come to a screeching halt. I was fighting in a province just before the update, and won the battle with minimal losses. Just returns and thought I could finish the province (2 fights left), but guess what… I was exterminated at the beginning of round 2 :mad:.
This is no fun anymore :(:(:(:(


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I noticed that several units now have higher negative "defense bonus" than attack bonus. Does this mean that they are very disadvantaged against the enemies that they could theoretically do damage to? How does this help?

I'm playing with units, but I don't seem to be able to find any combinations that can take out armies before I get wiped out myself. Then again, I've never been the best at this. I'm definitely hoping for the wiki to arrive soon.


Moving the Squid Size Upgrade to an earlier spot in the tree, isn't going to work when the armory upgrades are not moved.
I now have 3 armories lvl 4 and can't upgrade then until much much later in the tree, way way after Squid Size Upgrade 5. It will take forever to get a squad this way
Please don’t tell me to build more armories, because I don’t have the space and no change to get an expansion now


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Could someone please post the stats of the level 3 (human) units? I dont want to wait 2 weeks until they update the wiki, thanks in advance!


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Before this, I had 5 armories and a DB wonder at level 1 or maybe 2. This allowed me to match squad size to training size.

I am now 2/3 low on training size compared to squad size. I still have a few armories to upgrade (and another level or so), but I also have some research to complete. I'd like to get a sense of whether 5 armories and the bulwark will continue to work, or whether the developers envisioned something else.


Agreed with others above. My squad size is 991, but still lose all troops (3 squads of granite golems and 2 squads bud mages)


Agreed with others above. My squad size is 991, but still lose all troops (3 squads of granite golems and 2 squads bud mages)
You can't use the same troops you are used to, look at the units stats and you will notice that archer will kill your bud sorceresses for example.


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You can't use the same troops you are used to, look at the units stats and you will notice that archer will kill your bud sorceresses for example.
True, but even paying attention and using theoretically correct troops isn't really working. I have a battle with two light melee (Nasty Thief, Ancient Orc) and two light ranged (both Wily Bandit). In looking over my troops, it appears that my Sword Acrobat and Granite Golems are best suited to take out those troops. A battle with all 5 Granite Golems got closest, but couldn't win. A battle with 2 Sword Acrobats and 3 Granite Golems was a fail. The Sword Acrobats still die too fast to do much good.

The enemy does more damage faster than I can. I'm not entirely sure how to win here. And I can no longer make troops as quickly since I can't make a full squad in one go.

Has anyone figured this out yet?


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I'm totally unhappy with this change,
all my troops in the barracks before this upgrade, now counted to "nothing" because they are not taken into acount. That mean 1000 Troops before are now devide by the mulpier of the new production factor. I loose all advantage of the troops builded before. :mad:

For. example: My squards in the barracks were about 100 now it drops to about 30, a bad loose.

That mean I loose 70% of my troops for nothing:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Millions of coins senseless invested also tenthousands of supplies

Cruel and not fine

Time to quit this game
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Basically nothing changed as promised...
Still impossible to progress with fighting on the map, so trading is still the only option.
Great move guys!!
Don't understand what you wanted to achieve with this so called "Great-improvement"
At least our cities were more or less tuned to support the production in the old system. Now everything is just screwed up and completely out of ballance with respect to production time and unit cost. Maybe the single unit cost has been lowered, but since the power of the enemies increases soooo much you really need soo many units that the cost per fight really got out of proportion.
And to build all these troops we need way more supply buildings and armories ... So every city is now out of ballance for something that that doesn't provide any improvement at all.
I hope you are already busy with a 3th design of the figthing module and in the meantime I hope you step back to the orginal one...
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